1 November 2021
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Over time, the journeys became shorter and the comfort of the seats increased, even becoming quite enjoyable. Traveling with your little one isn't like a walk in the park, though. Especially if the flight time exceeds five hours. It's normal for kids to get bored and irritable on long flights, it's not their fault or yours, but it may make your job easier to take a look at our carefully prepared parent guide to get through this journey in the most calm and pleasant way.

Preparing Snacks

Yes, many flights offer meals and snacks, but it's best to prepare for this in advance. If you put your child's favorite things to eat, such as crackers, fruit, biscuits, nuts, in small storage containers and throw them in your bag, they will be at hand whenever you need them. Packaged fruit juices and milk can also prevent possible accidents by providing practicality.

If you are caught unprepared for the flight, try to get it from the airport after you pass the checkpoint.  Snacks that will keep your child happy and entertained can really be life-saving.

Paying Attention to Cleaning and Hygiene

The easiest way to do this is to have an extra pack of cologne wipes in your bag. This precaution was always necessary before COVID, but now it has become even more important. Considering that you will need a lot, especially while eating, you can prevent the tense moments you will experience. It is important to have an extra set of clothes in your bag for possible vomiting situations. The same goes for diapers.



Even if your journey is at night, that doesn't mean your child will sleep through the journey like everyone else. Even if they feel sleepy, they can resist it with the excitement of the journey and may request you to accompany them. Most parents will try to save the situation by giving their phone or tablet to their kids in such situations, but aside from the pedagogical difficulties of this, remember that you may need your phone to use a map or make important calls when you land. The state of charge becomes even more important, especially during journeys. If you have taken precautions about charging, maybe you can download a few fairy tale podcasts and listen to them with headphones, this will make your kid very happy. Or maybe little cartoons.

Apart from the mobile phones, other solutions are fairy tale books and small toys. You have a long way to go, your child has no sleep and you have to keep him busy. In this case, getting the help of fairy tales is always the most enjoyable alternative.


Health Precautions

From band-aids to pain relievers for kids, keeping a few medications within easy reach is in your and your child's best interests. Nausea medications that you can take in consultation with your doctor can also be used for emergencies.

Many children are disturbed by the pressure change, especially during take-off and landing, and start to cry. If they‘re very young and you're still breastfeeding, it's very comforting to breastfeed at times like these. If they’re a little older, you can solve this problem with pacifiers that also serve the same function.

Istanbul Airport: Child and Family Friendly Airport


After sharing our suggestions on how to make your trip with your child more enjoyable and hassle-free, let's take a look at the airport part. We know that the travel experience begins the moment you enter the airport. The solutions offered by IGA, on the other hand, are extremely effective for making the travel experience of families with children comfortable. What are these solutions?

"Family First" Parking Spots

At IGA, the parking lots close to the entrance doors and elevators (Green Parking Lot P3 and Green Parking Lot P5) are reserved for families with children.


"Family First" Security Pass points

Families with children in the 0-5 age group will be able to use the crossing points reserved for them in the security control zones.

1- Departure Passenger Floor 1. Entrance Gate
2- Departure Passenger Floor Domestic Terminal Security Control Pass
3- Departure Passenger Floor International Passport Control Pass


Baby and Family Rooms

There are Baby Care Rooms in many parts of the airport where mothers can breastfeed, replace the diaper, and clean their babies. These rooms, which are usually right next to the toilets, are wide enough for families to use comfortably.

Transportation within the Airport

Families that give their stroller under the plane can use IGA's strollers from passport control to the flight gates and from the flight gate to the baggage claim point for incoming passengers.

The "IGA Children's Train" in the Domestic Departure Passenger Gates area is one of the most enjoyable alternatives that provide transportation for children at the airport. The Kids Train, which has a total of four wagons and can accommodate a maximum of two people in each wagon, is completely free.

Buggys, which travel on a certain route, are another alternative for families with children aged 0-2. Just like the Kids Train, Buggy is free for families to use. Let us remind you that there is an obligation to wear seat belts in vehicles within the scope of security measures, and they are disinfected after each use.


Shops and Restaurants

You can find many stores in the airport where products from clothing to toys that little guests can enjoy are sold. For your kids who are hungry after shopping, there are quite lots of solutions. In addition to the places where you can find HIPP baby foods, chain restaurants where kid's menus are sold are also places where families spend the most time while waiting for the flight.

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