3 June 2024

Blogs and social media accounts where women share their experiences as mothers are gaining significant attention nowadays. This is because other mothers can benefit from these shared experiences and try them out with their own children. When it comes to mom blogs, there is a wide range of topics. Some focus on childcare, others on child education or hobbies. However, some mothers enjoy sharing the places they visit and the new regions they explore with their children. These blogs appeal more to adventurous moms.

We believe almost every mother loves traveling with her child. Therefore, these kinds of blogs are becoming increasingly popular. We wanted to share some blogs of moms around the world who travel with their children and share their experiences. Here are some traveling mom blogs to follow.

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Deniz Tarhan – Born To Laugh

Deniz Tarhan, who enjoys traveling with her baby and provides useful information for those traveling with a baby for the first time, shares her experiences on her Instagram account. Showing that traveling with a baby is not something to fear but rather very enjoyable, Deniz Tarhan shares her experiences with her followers. For important information such as what preparations to make before going on vacation, what to bring with you, and what to pay attention to during the trip, you can follow Deniz Tarhan’s Instagram account, Born to Laugh.

Hande Çilek - Gümüş Pusula

Hande Çilek, a dedicated traveler even before her baby was born, continued her passion after becoming a mother. Previously writing about the countries she visited with her husband, Çilek continues this adventure with her daughter. Initially opting for relatively closer destinations when her daughter was young, this traveling mom later expanded her horizons and continued to travel from country to country. Believing that having a child is not a hindrance but a new excitement for a free-spirited woman, you might want to follow Çilek’s adventures with her daughter.

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Nazan Aşık - @nazanasik

Introducing herself as a traveling mom with two children and a dog, Nazan Aşık shares the places she visits and the experiences she has with her children. In addition to her travels, she also shares daily life practices, making her account very entertaining. You can visit her page to see the memories she has collected with her children in different countries and locations, follow her, and share in these experiences.

Özlem Demir – Gezenti Anne

Living in London and a mother of two, Özlem Demir loves traveling. She shares photos and experiences from every country she visits and every new place she discovers. Not only does she explore new places with her children, but she also tries local foods and drinks, sharing these experiences with her followers. Özlem Demir’s blog, which she shares on Instagram, is a must-check for moms traveling with children. Especially for those who love thematic and fun places, her recommendations are not to be missed.

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Karen Edwards - @travelmadmum

Starting her travels when her first baby was just 3 months old and sharing her experiences from various countries, Karen Edwards is one of the traveling moms you should definitely check out. You can learn answers to questions like how to travel with children, where to spend enjoyable time, and how to care for children while traveling from Karen Edwards' Instagram account. Edwards has traveled with her children to many countries, discovering new places. These include challenging countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

Courtney Adamo - Family Life & Motherhood Courses

Courtney Adamo, who embarks on adventure after adventure with her husband and children, has a very delightful Instagram account. The couple, who now have four children, believe that traveling with children is not an obstacle at all and share many photos from the countries they visit. In addition to her travel experiences, Courtney Adamo also provides informative content about child behavior and parent-child relationships in daily life.

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The Bucket List Family - @thebucketlistfamily

How challenging can it be to travel and discover new places with four children? The Bucket List Family shows us just that. This lovely family shares their experiences as they travel country by country across Europe and America. With The Bucket List Family, you will discover places you’ve never seen before and realize that traveling with children is not something to be feared. You can closely follow the experiences of this delightful family of six on The Bucket List Family page.

Gizem Zor - @gizemzzor

Mother of two, Gizem Zor, loves spending time and traveling with her children and sharing these beautiful moments. Gizem Zor shares her experiences from the places she visits with her children, including must-see spots and must-try flavors in different countries. You might want to follow Gizem Zor, whose account shows that traveling with children is not difficult at all.

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