17 December 2020
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It is said that every journey is special. Sometimes we go on a journey to get away from where we are, and sometimes to find ourselves. Journeys offer us the opportunity to listen to ourselves and to go on an inner exploration. Whatever our purpose is when we set off, journeys change us and we take a pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of life. In order to make this break more meaningful, it is necessary to choose the right book that will accompany you on your journey. If you are only going to take one book with you, the choice becomes even more difficult. At the airport, on the plane, while waiting or in a hotel room where you are relaxing… We have selected five books that will drag you, inspire, relax and fall in love with travel wherever you are. Happy travels, enjoyable reading.

Children in the Rye Field

We reserved the first row for a legendary book. Considered one of the classics of contemporary American literature, "The Catcher in the Rye" is a book that is sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes makes you smile with happiness. Mysterious author J.D. If you haven't met Salinger, you should reserve the first place for this book on your next trip. You can also make your journey unforgettable by letting this book, about a quest for innocence in the adult world, surprise you.

Travel Art

Alain de Botton, who has a very wide readership in Turkey as well as in the world, is an author who draws attention to the concepts that we may miss or not focus on in our daily life. The author's book titled "The Art of Travel" states that journeys are not just about going from one place to another and taking a vacation; treats both ourselves and the world as an art of discovery. The book shows how far away can make us an artist in a life full of hustle and bustle.


Sait Faik Abasıyanık, one of the princes of Turkish storytelling, is also one of the writers you can read on the train, at the airport or on the beach during your travels. You can start with any of the few page-long stories of Sait Faik, who amaze the readers with the realism in his narrations and the simplicity in his depiction of events and people. Whichever you choose, let's recommend the "Pool Başı" book.

Mosquito Beach

Paul Theroux, who is one of the late masters of American literature and is also a travel writer, is one of the works that will enrich your travel with his observations that go deep into the human soul as well as gripping. Adapted to the cinema by the famous Australian director Peter Weir, this work is not only an adventure novel, but also a novel that confronts Western history itself and sheds light on today's world. If you are reading this book at home, which contains incredible descriptions of the Central American country of Honduras and its unique beaches, you will hear the sound of the waves in the sentences.


Let's not pass without recommending the Tintin series, which is indispensable for comic book lovers. Perhaps the famous character of this comic book world, created by Hergé in 1929, has met hundreds of millions of readers in more than 50 languages. Traveling from Tibet to Congo, from Egypt to the blue seas during their adventures, these works continue to fascinate everyone, from science fiction lovers to detective lovers. As someone who has read at least one Tintin adventure in his travels, we can say that these books will turn your travels into an adventure and drag your imagination.

Madonna in Fur Coat

The classic book of Sabahattin Ali, Madonna in a Fur Coat, is among the most ideal books to read on the road. Because the novel is so fluent and exciting that it can be read in one breath. This book, which you will read with pleasure during the journey and will finish without understanding how the road passed, is quite impressive. The book tells the story of Raif Efendi, who fell in love with the woman he saw in the painting at an exhibition he went to, and then met her and took his life in a completely different direction. Although it may seem like a classic romance novel, it is actually an important book that includes psychological analyzes and draws attention to social alienation.
Apart from travel-themed books, we would like to talk about 5 more books that will turn your short trips into an adventure. You can click here to read more.

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