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15 December 2020
Four Legendary Bands from Four Different Cities

England is famous in many ways. However, it’s most important aspect that left a mark on the 20th Century is no doubt the music bands in all genres from rock to punk, trip hop and psychedelic music, contributing to the voice of the 20th Century.

We are talking about music bands that were started in small English towns and became revolutionary for England first and then for the whole world. Here are 5 legendary music bands started in English cities only to be known worldwide with millions of fans and impacted the following generations.



Liverpool – The Beatles

Many English cities harbored revolutionary musicians and music bands, but one of these became an icon of their own. That is The Beatles. The band, that started from a high school friendship, changed not only the pop music, but the whole pop culture. The story of the most influential music band started on the streets, busses, and bars of Liverpool. The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool is just the right place to visit for those wishing to be a part of this story.


London – Pink Floyd 

Is The Rolling Stones or Queen your favorite? Or is it Pink Floyd? Even though choosing between them is not always easy for music lovers, we always choose Pink Floyd if we must choose one. The story of these musical legends started in London, the capital city of England and one of the most important cities in the world, when they were only students. The band left its mark in the 1970’s with two albums, the sound-based Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, which actually is the point many fans disagree. There are city tours to see the “London of the Band”, which impacted all music genres in the world from rock to ambient music. You should attend one of these tours if you are in London and love Pink Floyd.


Manchester – Joy Division  

Ian Curtis’ sorrowful appearance and his ecstatic dance moves can be one of the most iconic images of the history of music. This unique band, which was decided during The Sex Pistols concert, had influence not only in England but all around the World during its short life between 1976 and 1980. The remaining members of the group fulfilled their promise and retired the group’s name after Ian Curtis’ death and continued their careers under a new name. The city tours witnessing the musical energy bursting through the city of Manchester tell a lot about the band as well as this legendary city.


Bristol – Portishead

Since its debut in Bristol in 1991, the band redefined the trip hop genre and created a soft but psychedelic feeling at the same time through Beth Gibbons’ legendary voice and instruments. Portishead is the name of a small town near Bristol. Their most famous song The Road quickly became well-known by a certain generation at first, and the whole world after that. Portishead and many other bands like them helped establish the bond between almost all English cities and the music.