11 August 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 2 August 2022

Around the world, coffee is experiencing an incredible comeback. In the coffee market, which has been dominated by large coffee chains for years, there are now beans, roasting styles and brewing types that will highlight the plant characteristics of coffee. Espreesso, americano, latte, flat white, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, cortado, aeropress and batch brew… If you love at least one of these, it means you choose every coffee shop you go to carefully. If you are looking for nice places and small cafes where you can drink coffee in every city you visit, here are 5 new generation coffee shops we can recommend to you in Istanbul. So let our 3rd generation coffee shop tour begin.

1- Petra Roasting Co.

One of the firsts of Istanbul's new generation coffee trend, Petra Roasting Co. It is one of the most appreciated coffee places by customers. Petra, which has branches in 5 different districts of Istanbul and also has a self-service place, is flooded by Istanbulites with its centers in Gayrettepe. The central branch of Petra, which roasts coffees from different parts of the world themselves, will offer you a beautiful Istanbul life and coffee experience, from its kitchen to its coffee and design. We recommend you to try the Peach French toast with your coffee. If you want to buy your coffee as a package and make it yourself at home, this place offers you this opportunity. You can get your coffee from the venue or from the internet site by writing up to the gram weight. Apart from this, popular brewing equipments are also sold on their site. If you say 'I want to make my own coffee at home', you can do your shopping here and meet all your needs.

2- Coffee Department

The headquarters of Coffee Department, which also has a branch in Nişantaşı, is located in Balat, one of the historical and touristic neighborhoods of Istanbul. You can sit in this cafe when you want to take a break while strolling through the history-smelling streets of this neighborhood, where different cultures have lived together for centuries. In addition to the various coffees they roast themselves, their homemade desserts tell you a lot about the spirit and atmosphere of Istanbul. Coffee from Ethiopia's Acacia region is our favourite. Again, you can visit the website he has set up here and look at other questions.

3- Coffee Sapiens

Located in Karaköy, one of the neighborhoods where Istanbul coffee shops meet recently, Coffee Sapiens offers coffee lovers their own roasted coffee in its small and cozy shop, with the handiwork of its successful baristas. This coffee address in Karaköy, which is one of the indispensable stops for both Istanbulites and those visiting this city, has become the meeting point of coffee lovers. Again, an advice from us to you; Be sure to taste Flat White when you come here.

4- Story Coffee

Kadıköy, which is one of the neighborhoods you want to see and visit when you come to Istanbul; It houses many venues and shops from antique shops to big brand stores, from designer cafes and bars to vintage clothes. In the famous Moda neighborhood of Kadıköy, there is a place to wake you up or relax during your break: Story Coffee. This cafe, which also has a branch on the Yeldeğirmeni side, appeals to all tastes with its own freshly roasted coffees and different types of brewing. If you are going to have your breakfast here, we recommend you to try the delicious pancakes along with your coffee.

5- Refined Espresso Bar

Rafine Espresso Bar, which draws attention with its different architecture and design while walking five minutes up the coast of Kadıköy and passing through the cafes, shops, arcades and restaurants that are the symbols of Kadıköy, is famous for its espresso-based coffees, as its name suggests. The flavor, which starts with the ratio between the coffee and foam of espresso and then intensifies its taste, is enough to make espresso lovers ecstatic. This small and cozy place, where snacks and desserts are also available, will meet your coffee needs exactly.

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