15 March 2023

Talking about sustainability entails a variety of acts, from simple daily actions to the adoption of cutting-edge technology that have been modified to save a lot of resources. The year 2023 presents what might be a fresh start for learning more, taking on more, and doing better for the environment and the world. Let's discuss some of this year's environmental trends together.

Increased use of renewable energy

Renewable energy has been in development for some time and attempts to make it more reliable and practical will continue through 2023. For instance, installing solar panels at home can help save money on power while simultaneously lowering the consumption of natural gas and its environmental impact. Moreover, energy-saving technology is still being developed for electric vehicles. For their European operations, multinational corporations like Amazon have bought fleets of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles. In order to improve efficiency and sustainability, companies from South Korea, Chile, and even the US aim to purchase lithium batteries for cars that will be produced in Mexico starting in the second half of 2023.

renewable energy

Green fashion and retail:

Focus is on eco-sustainable clothing and materials

People increasingly see sustainability as a major factor in choosing goods in 2023. Global industrial cloud companies predict that consumers will pay more attention to pricing this year and choose more affordable and durable items. Consumers will favor long-lasting, affordable products with minimal environmental impact in 2023. Fashion-related businesses are more likely to use more environmentally friendly products and provide genuine transparency throughout their wide supplier chains. In order to attempt and limit the emissions created as much as possible, the materials and production methods of new collections will be properly measured and planned.


Circular economy model

The fashion industry continues to be one of the most polluting industries in the world. Consider the frequency with which fast fashion drives us to buy new clothes all the time and the poor quality of the fibers used. Increased understanding of the nature of the problem has prompted young people - the primary target of fast fashion - to understand the damage done to the environment, and it has become clear that sustainability for Generation Z will require more and more attention. While some brands are starting to offer and promote recycling and recovery methods for used clothing by declaring an environmentally friendly return, young consumers will also tend to prefer alternatives to classic clothing stores. Vintage and thrift stores are experiencing a new golden age as platforms where all kinds of clothes, accessories and objects can be sold and exchanged. Thrift and vintage shops are enjoying a golden era as marketplaces for the purchase and exchange of all kinds of clothing, accessories, and other items.

More efficient transportation

Because there are so many people residing and working in large cities, the transportation issue is evident there; therefore, it may be most important to offer environmentally friendly transportation solutions. As long as the authorities continue to provide designated lanes and allocated locations for riding, cycling will continue to be adopted in cities as an affordable, environmentally friendly, and secure travel alternative throughout 2023. In certain significant cities throughout the world, including Mexico City, the bus fleet has begun to be modernized, and currently includes both electric and hybrid vehicles. This transformation is essential given that public transportation was responsible for 41% of global carbon dioxide emissions in 2020.

hybrid car

Environmentally friendly workplaces

One of the newest trends that will gain traction in 2023 is eco-friendly workplaces, since the Covid-19 pandemic, which has gripped the globe for more than two years, has altered how people traditionally view their jobs. Remote work has been widely employed throughout this time, and this kind of offer will continue throughout 2023. It will even be good for the environment. There are fewer resources required to move a person when they do not have to travel from their house to their place of employment and vice versa. In order to lessen their detrimental effects on communities, businesses that mandate that employees be physically visible are also adjusting their principles and rules. For instance, chains like IKEA or Prada apply LEED standards for their stores, ensuring that they use renewable energy and have environmentally friendly architecture.

work from home

Using artificial intelligence to design environmental projects

In 2023, AI will continue to advance, and this year it will be put to use for more than just data processing, which has already started. AIs have been shown to be useful for changing a variety of aspects of our daily lives as well as for making predictions about the future, which relies less on magic and more on information. When given specific information and given a task, an AI will attempt to identify the optimum solution using that information without taking moral or religious principles into account. For instance, AI can be used to create strategies to lower greenhouse gas emissions; after receiving feedback, the AI keeps creating new options to reach its objective. Machine learning-based systems are already being used by businesses like Google and Amazon to improve business operations, and these systems are constantly collecting data. So, 2023 is a new year in which sustainability tendencies will intensify and carry on to positively impact society.

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