11 December 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 3 June 2022

Almost every day we read a news piece about the famous billionaire Elon Musk: “Elon Musk is preparing to redefine the concept of travelling. The genius will travel to Mars.” As mad as he is, the entrepreneur, who is planning to carry the humankind onto the Moon and then to Mars, is accepted to be among the geniuses of the last century. Attributing his success to systematic working, the entrepreneur says that everyone who is determined and who knows what he wants can be as successful. Without a doubt, his hunger towards learning is a major reason behind his success, just as much as tenacity and ambition. Fitting giant companies into his career (Tesla Motors as a producer and seller of electric cars and their parts, SpaceX as a space travelling company, PayPal as an important payment system, and SolarCity as a huge solar energy system), and acting as their founding partners and presidents, Musk deserves to be the genius kid of our modern world. The entrepreneur, who also faced many failures in his life, thinks that failure must also be an option for us. 


The American billionaire thinks that every person must look in the mirror first thing in the morning and ask himself: “What is your purpose? What inspires you? What are your dreams for the future?” He believes that each day you wake up to without a goal, is a day lost.  Emphasizing that all of us should know who we are and what we love, Musk underlines that we especially need our dreams. 


Elon Musk’s best-known secret is probably how much he reads. Saying that “a man who stops learning is a dead man”, Musk started reading and researching when he was just a kid, so he spent his youth a little different than the rest. His brother says that Musk used to read two books a day at the beginning of his career and that his most important secret about learning is hidden there. From sci-fi to philosophy, religions history, software languages and to biographies; Musk reads books in all subjects and preserved his habit to read to this day. Musk, who invested in various subjects as he grew older, reads books in a variety of subjects. These subjects include physics, engineering, production design, finance, technology, energy, and many more.


Being the CEO of several companies at the same time, Musk works about 85 hours a week in a total faithfulness to his working hours. Elon Musk created a routine for himself at the beginning of his career for personal growth and success and he stuck by this plan ever since. Musk wakes up at 7 am sharp and he believes a part of his efficiency stems from coffee while the rest stems from hard working. According to him, you must plan your calendar well and stick by your plan.   


According to Musk, you must not follow the trends. The innovation in all his works can be explained by his approach, because according to him, if you follow the trends, you can only accomplish what is predictable. To do that, you must know what you really want and must be willing to take a chance. Do not forget, everyone thought he was crazy when Musk founded SpaceX and Tesla. 


Elon Musk once said “if you are working on a project that you think is important, you need to keep trying even if you know that you will most likely fail” in an interview. According to him, the history of civilization is filled with good examples.  You can only be successful if you dare to fail first.

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