20 November 2020
Social Media Tips

The history of internet goes way back before its popularization. It totally transformed the definition of the term “fame”, which gained a vital importance in the second half of the1900’s. It also opened new doors in many areas from economy to advertising strategies. But just like all other improvements it has side effects, the possibilities of this new world ended up being harmful for human health. The most important example being “social media addiction”. But what can we do to prevent social media addiction and protect our wellbeing?

Do not believe everything you see

“Infollution” (information pollution) is the first thing to be awe of when online. The internet is a giant library of information and as such can cause information pollution. With the interaction feature of social media, people can share anything and everything without even questioning it. On top of that, since the posts on social media are merely the “best” moments, they don’t always reflect the truth. That means the creation of possibly false information.

Protect individuality, improve yourself

Another opportunity provided by social media is the ability to follow others’ lives. This can harm one’s individuality. In order to protect individuality and stay connected to the truth, it is important to ensure that the sense of privacy is not damaged. Even though many people use social media for research and self-development, it is important to say that most of the information online are either superficial or “de facto”. Social media has a “directive” and motivating aspect, but many people get stuck on the first stage and cannot apply these aspects to real life. What matters here is to apply the information and directions we get on social media to our lives.

Challenge the gaps in your life

Experts say that spending too much time on social media may mean that some things are not in order in our lives. These “things” may be related to our professional lives or our private relations. Instead of facing these potential problems, we choose to spend time online. Putting a stop to avoiding these problems/challenges and solving them will improve our confidence and life standards.

Form real relationships

In a time, in which most relationships and friendships are formed and maintained on social media, face-to-face interactions have become as important as ever. Psychologists say that social media can never replace the face-to-face interaction mankind has developed over the years of evolution. We might be connected with our loved ones on social media but seeing them face-to-face is just as much -maybe even more- important. 

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