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24 October 2023

When you think of Izmir, a multitude of things come to mind. Among these, the secondhand vintage markets, commonly known as flea markets, hold a prominent place. Sometimes, many of us wonder about the origin of the term "flea" associated with these markets. Let's first shed light on this curiosity for the residents of Izmir. Historical research indicates that flea markets trace back to the 1860s, originating in Paris where items infested with lice were sold. Since then, all antique markets have been colloquially referred to as "flea markets." Now, let's delve into our guide about the various flea markets situated across Izmir. We hope you enjoy reading.

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Kahramanlar Flea Market

Let's kick off with one of the most renowned flea markets in Izmir. Although this antique market isn't physically located in Kahramanlar, locals have come to know it as the Kahramanlar Flea Market. Found in the Aegean neighborhood adjacent to Kahramanlar, which the residents affectionately call "Murtake," this place is easily accessible via the Hilal Station. Exiting the station towards Kahramanlar, you'll cross a red iron bridge over a stream leading you to the Kahramanlar neighborhood. However, since the market lies in the neighborhood on the opposite side of the railway, you can reach Murtake using either an overpass or an underpass. After traversing a narrow road running parallel to the creek, you'll discover a vibrant environment where a myriad of items in diverse hues and varieties await.

Ozkanlar Flea Market

Now, let's move to a neighborhood teeming with markets. In this district, there isn't just a solitary marketplace. However, the most notable one in Bornova is the Özkanlar Flea Market. If you have a penchant for textiles, Thursdays at the Sosyete Bazaar are tailor-made for you. Another lively market just below the Bornova Viaduct is the secondhand car market, held every Sunday. If antique and secondhand products pique your interest, worry not, as antique markets are also hosted here on the last Sunday of each month. Notably, various antique shops are scattered across different neighborhoods of Bornova.

Yenisehir Flea Market

For those seeking an adventurous market experience and looking to take the market buzz to the next level, Yenişehir is the place to be. A mere 4-minute walk from Izban's Kemer Station, this market is nestled right beside Yeşildere Asfaltı. Here, you can find everything you desire, from electronics and kitchenware to decorative items, computers, and tablets. Apparently, the market operates on Sundays.

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Bostanlı Pazari

This market is known for its reasonable prices and unmatched selection of clothing. Every Wednesday, Bostanlı becomes the go-to residential area for this market, where you can find the trendiest pants and t-shirts displayed at the stalls. Locals often refer to the Sosyete Bazaar in Bostanlı as "bospa." It originated on a go-kart track and gained immense popularity over the years, leading to its transformation into a covered market. Today, it stands as the beloved Bostanlı Pazari, serving as a hub for bargain hunters and fashion enthusiasts in Izmir.

Guzelbahce Flea Market

Venturing to the opposite side of the city, we find ourselves in one of the largest markets on the Urla peninsula. For the residents of Izmir seeking a diverse array of products at affordable prices, this market in Güzelbahçe is a must-visit. Nestled in the heart of Atatürk Neighborhood, this market surprises visitors, particularly with its exceptional collection of books and stationery. It's an essential destination for all market enthusiasts exploring the peninsula.

Cigli Flea Market

Our journey now takes us to another bustling district in Izmir. With a population of 210 thousand residents, the market in Çiğli is as vibrant as one would expect. Despite its numerous closures and relocations in recent years, the Çiğli flea market remains a hotspot, renowned for its selection of accessories, electronics, and toys. You can explore this market on Saturdays in the Anadolu neighborhood, known as Küçük Çiğli.

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Karabağlar Vintage Market

At Karabağlar Antique Bazaar, you can both buy and sell a range of antique items. If you have any antique pieces at home that you no longer need, this market is the perfect place to sell and appraise them. The assortment of items available here, ranging from trinkets to vases, paintings, telephones, typewriters, and even records, never fails to captivate visitors. Some items are so unique that you might not encounter them anywhere else in your lifetime. This delightful market is open daily for exploration.

Eskici Flea Market

In our final destination, Balçova, the small shop market stands out for its textile products. The charm of Eskici Flea Market lies in its focus on selling brand new, budget-friendly items. This aspect ensures that customers can refresh their wardrobes without compromising on quality.

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