13 April 2023

Ramadan, the sultan of the 11 months, has come to us all with its abundance and blessing. Even though we are going through a very saddening Ramadan as a country in Turkiye, events worthy of this blessed month are organized in all cities, especially in Istanbul, where we will be in unity and solidarity. Let's look at the Ramadan events in Istanbul.


Unique Experience of the Joy of Ramadan at İGA Istanbul Airport   

İGA Istanbul Airport, Turkiye's gateway to the world, continues to make a difference in its services to its passengers during Ramadan. Moreover, it does this not only in its terminals but also in earthquake-stricken regions, offering all earthquake victims the opportunity to experience a traditional Ramadan.

With the "Ramadan Village" at Domestic Flights, you remember the old Ramadan and can participate in activities that combine traditional and innovative approaches such as Mihri Hanım VR Experience, Bilge Ay's competitions with children, Hacivat and Karagöz, Manis with Drummer Ali Kuka, fairy tales with Meddah Güler Hanım, and Kavuklu and Pişekar.

The digital screens and entrance gates of the terminal are adorned with "Ramadan Kareem" and decorations in line with the concept, while the character designs are again by Brazilian artist Jonas Pina. This year's Ramadan song is by Sertab Erener. You can listen to the song written and performed by the artist, especially for İGA's Ramadan movie, on the Istanbul Airport TV account.

In addition to all this, İGA's Ramadan Truck will continue to travel to Hatay, Kilis, Gaziantep, Osmaniye, Kahramanmaraş, Malatya, and Adıyaman provinces throughout Ramadan, providing various gifts and activities to raise the spirits of disaster victims.

Maltepe City Park Ramadan Event Area

Regarding Ramadan events, the first area that comes to mind is Maltepe, under the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. We are talking about the Marmara City Park, Europe's largest and most powerful life, sports, and entertainment center, created after filling an area of 1 million 200 thousand square meters located on the Maltepe coast. This park also hosts Ramadan events on the Anatolian side.

Since 2014, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been using Maltepe City Park to organize Ramadan events. On the other hand, thanks to this useful event, Istanbul citizens, especially those living on the Anatolian side, can experience Ramadan, the sultan of the eleven months, in an atmosphere that reflects all spirituality and our traditional culture from history.

İst Ramazan-2

Outdoor Iftar Tables

Our next Ramadan event stop is the Open Air Iftar tables. In this event organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, more than 1 million citizens of Istanbul come together and present a visual feast with the Open Air Iftars prepared in different districts of Istanbul during the month of Ramadan, experience and reflect the spiritual happiness of fasting within the scope of unity and solidarity.

Since 2010, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been bringing Istanbulites together with Open Air Iftars in different districts of Istanbul during Ramadan. With the iftar tables full of flavor, the feelings of solidarity and sharing among people with the same geography are also increased. And it is not only limited to this. At the same time, keeping our customs and traditions reflecting Turkish culture alive also adds continuity to unity and solidarity.

During the month of Ramadan, all kinds of organizational activities and various kinds of refreshments related to the delicious iftar tables, where more than 1 million people are specially hosted in different districts of Istanbul, are carried out at full throttle under the leadership of the Logistics Support Center under the IBB Directorate of Operations. In this context, these unique events, where many different segments break their fast together with a sense of togetherness, are also very popular.

Yenikapı City Park Ramadan Event Area

We have come up with another one of Istanbul’s most beautiful Ramadan events. As you know, Yenikapı City Park is one of the brand-new event addresses in Istanbul, where Ramadan, the sultan of eleven months, is experienced to the fullest with its spirituality and enthusiasm. On the other hand, Yenikapı Coast and Event Area, built on an area of approximately 700 thousand square meters on the Yenikapı coast, has been hosting Ramadan events on the European side of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality since 2014.

Yenikapı City Park Event Area, which extends to every corner of the coast, is waiting for you in the wonderful harmony of the blue of the lush green trees that you cannot take your eyes off! In addition to all these, with long walking and cycling trails, a pleasant event is organized by offering different alternatives for the citizens of Istanbul during Ramadan. Every night during the month of Ramadan, approximately 25 thousand Istanbul citizens come together with traditional Ramadan entertainment in Yenikapı City Park, and the necessary work continues at full speed to ensure that the activities held in Yenikapı City Park continue with the same enthusiasm every year. In this context, both those who try to act in the direction of unity and solidarity and those who want to spend time mingling in such a beautiful environment participate in the Ramadan events in Yenikapı City Park.

İst Ramazan-3

IBB Museums Free Events

According to the decision taken by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, all museums affiliated with IBB Kültür AŞ will open their doors free of charge to local visitors after iftar during Ramadan. On the other hand, the Basilica Cistern, Şerefiye Cistern, Miniatürk, and Panorama 1453 History Museum will continue to welcome visitors immediately after iftar between March 23 and April 20. In addition, entry will be possible by scanning the QR code in Radar Istanbul. Many Istanbulites will be able to benefit from all these opportunities during Ramadan! This event, which the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality organized in the name of both art and diversity, has also been instrumental in the demand of Istanbul citizens for art. On the other hand, this beautiful activity, which you can spend with your family or loved ones right after iftar time, also makes you have a pleasant evening. In addition to all this, many people also can observe and examine many places they have not seen or discovered before. Therefore, it is possible to say that this breakthrough made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for the month of Ramadan is almost a tailor-made caftan for citizens. You can participate in one of the most suitable Istanbul Ramadan events for you during Ramadan!

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