1 March 2023

We have gathered and assembled the public holidays that we all started to sit down and compute for you this year as the new year has arrived. Learn the upcoming public holidays for 2023 as a group.

New Year's Day January 1st, Sunday, 2023 (1 day)

Even though it may not initially seem like a lucky coincidence that the first official holiday of the year falls on a weekend, you can make this one-day holiday more enjoyable with your family, friends, and other loved ones by taking part in city-sponsored events, enlivening your day with winter sports, or selecting a relaxing evening in a nearby hotel.


Ramadan Eve (Afternoon): April 20th, Thursday 2023 - Ramadan 3rd Day April 23rd Sunday, 2023 (3.5 days)

In 2023, Ramadan will start with a half-holiday on the eve of Thursday, April 20, and then the 3-day holiday will end on Sunday, April 23. For Ramadan Eid, which is usually the time off that is spent with the family, you can complete your 3.5-day holiday for 4 days by taking the eve day off and choosing to spend it in a suitable hotel nearby. Or you can spend it together with your family in the comfort of your home. As the weather starts to warm up, these 3.5 days will be a great opportunity for you to rejuvenate!

National Sovereignty and Children's Day: April 23rd, Sunday, 2023 (1 day)         

In the year 2023, National Sovereignty and Children's Day falls on Sunday, just like the first day of the year. In addition, the last day of the 3.5-day Ramadan holiday, which starts on April 20 with the eve of the holiday, coincides with Sunday, April 23. If you wish, you can combine a half-day off on the eve with the April 23rd holiday and get a 4-day vacation. You can celebrate the warm weather that comes with spring together with your family and friends.

Labor and Solidarity Day: May 1st,  Monday, 2023 (1 day) 

This year, Workers and Solidarity Day in 2023 falls on a Monday. Employee excitement for this holiday, which falls on a Monday, will start on Friday evening. You can start your 3-day vacation as soon as you leave work if you have a getaway strategy in place. You can either head to the shore and spend this holiday on the beaches of the Mediterranean or Aegean, or you can immerse yourself in nature and let yourself go without traveling too far.

19 Mayıs

The Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day: May 19th, Friday, 2023 (1 day)

May 19 The Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day falls on Friday in 2023. By beginning your vacation, which will last three days from Friday to the weekend, on Thursday evening with the plans you have prearranged, you may make the most of your holiday. On May 19, embrace your youthful spirit and go where it takes you! Take a deep dive into Türkiye's diverse culinary culture and get a closer look at its geography with cultural excursions!

Feast of the Sacrifice Eve (Afternoon): Tuesday, June 27th, 2023 - Feast of the Sacrifice Day 4: July 1st, Saturday 2023 (5.5 days)

The 2023 Sacrifice Feast holiday, which starts on Wednesday, June 28, and ends on Saturday, July 1, is the longest public holiday this year. When we include the eve day, a 4.5-day public holiday awaits us on Sacrifice Feast  The last day of the holiday falls on the weekend, but when we include the eve day on Tuesday, June 27, and the Sunday after the feast, there is a 5.5-day holiday. It is possible to extend this holiday to 6 days by taking an additional half day off on the eve, which is a half-day holiday. You also have the chance to extend your vacation plan much longer than it would be with an additional 1.5 days of leave on Monday.

Democracy and National Unity Day July 15th, Saturday, 2023 (1 day)

In 2023, on July 15th, Democracy and National Unity Day are a Saturday. We strongly advise against locking yourself inside your house this weekend, a one-day vacation in the middle of the summer when the weather is chirping.

türk bayrağı

Victory Day: August 30th, Wednesday, 2023 (1 day)

The August 30th holiday in 2023 falls on a Wednesday, amid the workweek. By departing the city to a tranquil location nearby, you can use this one-day holiday to forget about your hectic work schedule and stress. You can extend the weekend to a long vacation if you have the opportunity to take some time off. Nature hikes, picnics, and pleasant conversations while taking in the landscape are excellent ways to restore your vitality.

Republic Day: October 29th, Sunday, 2023 (1.5 days)

29 October In 2023, Republic Day falls on a Sunday. The public holiday on October 29 is for 1.5 days, therefore it begins on Friday, October 28 in the afternoon. You can take an additional half day off on October 28th and take three days off from work. The gloomy season is said to be autumn... Start making plans right away if you want to spend your holiday like this, with a coffee in one hand and a lightweight jacket in front of the view.

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