28 August 2022
Güncelleme Tarihi: 8 September 2022

Over the years, entertainment has evolved more and more, undergoing incredible changes and expanding to create new genres that embrace not only the world of visuals but also the world of sound.

Among these new forms of entertainment are podcasts, which are broadcast online and are often divided into episodes and seasons. Today, podcasts are becoming more and more popular as they allow users to not only entertain themselves but also stay up-to-date and learn new concepts anywhere and at any time of the day, even while busy with other things.

In the list, you will find the most enjoyable podcast suggestions that you can listen to in your spare time or while you are busy with a job, and that will make you feel in the mood for conversation.


1. Nasıl Olunur? (“How to Become”)

Nasıl Olunur?, orHow to become?” in English, is an entertaining art podcast program created and also hosted by Turkish journalist writer Nilay Örnek. The podcast audiobook system, which has been running since 2019, was established with the support of Storytel Turkiye. Nilay Örnek invites people, mostly famous people, whom she thinks to be successful in their profession, to her program and asks them the question, “how to become.” These guests, who have leveled up to a certain point in their careers, tell us about their professional lives. Among the guests hosted by Nilay Örnek are famous guests such as actress Mert Fırat, expert dietitian Dilara Koçak, a phenomenon with Turkish tweets, Jared Wall, voice actor Yekta Kopan, and rock music artist Harun Tekin. As you can see, people from all professions are guests of Nilay Örnek. Podcasts are approximately 1 hour long. You can listen to the stories of celebrities about how they are successful both in their lives and in their professions as if you were with them.

2. Mythological Pearls

Mythological Pearls, which is in the recreation category, narrates stories from Greek mythology in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. A fairy-tale podcast that explains the metaphors found in the stories and, at the same time, reconciles them with current events. In this podcast, individual Greek mythology characters and their personalities are discussed. At the same time, it goes over the mythological stories in a pleasant way. The podcast, which has 67 episodes so far, varies between 4 minutes and 30 minutes, which is the longest episode. Mythological Pearls draw attention even with their chapter titles. For example, some of the Greek mythology stories you can listen to are “The Man Who Made the Love of His Life: Pygmalion,” “How Was the Universe Created?,” and “Eros & Psyche: Cupid Goes on the Hunt.”

3. Podcastlendiniz (“You’ve been Podcasted”)

“You’ve been Podcasted” is a program that will help listeners in their lives in the fields of education and personal development, such as motivation and self-confidence. The podcast, which has received a very high score from the audience, will help you when you are bored when your motivation or concentration drops. The podcast provides candid talk of life issues and experiences that make you think. The podcast consists of 11 episodes and lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. Some of the sections are: “Our Struggles and the Path to Success,” “What Happens If I Am Not Perfect?,” “How Do I Enjoy Life?,” “How Do I Recognize Toxic People?,” and “How Do We Know What We Want?.” If you want to spend your free time, you can choose to listen to this program.


4. Nathalie ile Tatlı Tuzlu Sohbetler (“Conversations with Nathalie”)

“Conversations with Nathalie” by Nathalie Stoyanof Suda is a podcast program in the art category. She is the general manager and 5th generation representative of the famous Beyaz Fırın. She also has three cookbooks. Nathalie offers a pleasant conversation about gastronomy, Istanbul, and food culture with the guests she invites to her podcast. Unfortunately, this chat is rather short compared to other podcasts. The podcast, the first episode of which was published on August 3, has only two episodes. The average duration of one episode is 20 minutes. In these two episodes, Nathalie Stoyanof Suda is accompanied by Dimitri Stoyanof, the current owner of Beyaz Fırın, which has a story of five generations. If you want to hear the story of two centuries-old Beyaz Fırın from its owners, the Conversations with Nathalie podcast is for you.

5. Biraz Konuşabilir miyiz? (“Can We have a Talk?”)

“Can We have a Talk?” is a program that should be added to the podcast lists of those who want to have fun and laugh. The podcast prepared and presented by stand-up artist İlker Gümüşoluk and comedian Kemal Ayça is under the comedy category. The duo’s podcast, which released their first episode on September 21, 2020, has a total of 71 episodes. The average time is 20 minutes. If you haven’t listened to this podcast before and want to give it a chance, you can watch the podcasts “Lycian Way, Van Damme Woman, Stylish Bandit,” “Short-Term Military Service on Trojan Horse,” and “Asylum Seeking in Mustafa Keser Music Hall during the Zombie Invasion.” You can listen to fun and funny parts like each other. If you want to laugh, you can open and listen to this podcast, which has also been highly rated by the audience.

6. Fularsız Entellik (“Intellectuality without a Scarf”)

A podcast hosted by the author of the Eksisozluk nicknamed “immanuel tolstoyevsky” is Fularsız Entellik (“Intelligent without a Scarf”). He prepares his podcasts under the category of society and culture. It is a project that started out with the motto of critical thinking and interesting topics. So far, the podcast has a total of 144 episodes. The duration of the episode is 30 minutes on average. This podcast is so loved by the listeners that Fularsız Entellik received a high score of 4.7 from the listeners. Conversation on very interesting and informative topics such as “The Race: Slavery and Genetics,” “The Flynn Effect: We Got Smarter, Now We Get Stupid,” “The Three Musketeers of Rhetoric: Logos, Ethos, Pathos,” and “Pro-Natalism: The Philosophy of Childbearing” is being done. If you are looking for a podcast that you can listen to in your spare time or while busy with work, you can listen to Fularsız Entellik.


7. Kendine İyi Davran (“Treat Yourself Well”)

This is a podcast program where clinical psychologist Beyhan Budak talks about psychology and life under the title of society and culture. This podcast, which has quite a lot of listeners, also has the longest podcast series on our list. There are 454 episodes in total. You can listen to whatever you want from it. Episodes last about 10 minutes on average. You can listen to topics related to life and personal development, such as “How Do You Let Life Go When Everything Is Going Bad?,” “The Most Important Technique of Learning a Foreign Language from a Turkish Polyglot Who Knows 8 Languages,” and “10 Little Habits That Will Change Your Life.”

7. Gezmek Yetmez 

Aiming to be the program of those who can't get enough of travelling, those who chase interesting stories of people and places while they travel, those who are curious about the world, and those who ask where to eat and drink, the "Gezmek Yetmez" program meets its fans every Monday on Kafa Radio with a delightful presentation by Oğuz Otay. Apart from the radio program, you can listen to Gezmek Yetmez, a podcast series with the same name, on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. In the podcast series, which set out with the motto "We travel, learn and have fun", many interesting topics, from Turkey's Oldest Bookstore to the stories of Istanbul's interesting street names, were mentioned.

You can reach Gezmek Yetmez's podcasts by clicking this link.

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