30 July 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 October 2023
Packing Suggestions for First-time Travelers

Even though packing seems like an easy task, it is rather challenging. We may pack unnecessary clothes and fill our luggage with unnecessary and extreme weights. We prepared you a list to keep in mind before packing.

1- First of all, remember to check the weather conditions in your destination before packing. When selecting clothes, always try to select things you can combine in different pairs. This way, you will have more options there.

2- Do not forget there is a 100ml limit for liquids and gels in your hand baggage. You cannot carry a perfume bottle, wine bottle or similar large bottles in your hand baggage. For further details, please check airline directives.

3- Weighing your baggage after closing it is always a good idea to see if you packed too much. After weighing your suitcase, check the amount written on your ticket, so that you can re-organize as necessary. We suggest to pack light before your trip; this way, you will have room for things you will buy during your trip. If you need extra baggage rights, you can purchase online or at the airport. 

4- When you land, you need to go to baggage claim. Here, you will see multiple suitcases looking like yours. Therefore, tagging your suitcase with a distinctive mark will always be beneficial. For example, you can tie a small scarf, stick a distinctive sticker, or purchase a luggage label.

5- Finally, if you are flying abroad, we suggest you pack a pen in your suitcase. In some international flights, you are given a piece of paper to fill in your details before landing and this piece of paper is checked at passport control. Do not forget to pack a pen, so you can easily fill in your details.


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