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16 February 2024

Located in the Northeastern region of Türkiye, Kars is a province that attracts attention with both its natural beauties and historical heritage. The history of Kars dates back to a very long time ago, to 3,000 BC. For this reason, it has hosted many civilizations. These include the Urartians, Arabs, Byzantines and Ottomans. We have compiled for you the must-do's, must-visit places and must-taste flavors in this distinguished city, which stands out with both its places to visit and its cuisine.

The best seasons to visit Kars are spring and fall. The air temperature during these seasons is also very suitable for traveling. Since there will be few crowds of tourists, it is possible to explore the city easily. It is possible to reach Kars both by plane and by road. If you prefer to travel by plane, you can use Erzurum Airport. If there are tourists who want to go to Kars with their own vehicles, they can reach the city by using the Ankara-Erzurum highway. 


Must-See Places in Kars

Kars Castle

Kars Castle, the landmark of Kars, is located in the center of the city. This symbolic castle, which you should definitely visit if you are interested in historical buildings, is one of the most interesting places for tourists.

Çıldır Lake

Activities such as boat tours or fishing can be done in Çıldır Lake, which has the distinction of being Türkiye's largest lake. In addition, if you want to spend more time in the peaceful environment of Çıldır Lake, you can evaluate the accommodation options in the immediate vicinity. 

Sarıkamış Ski Center

The ski center, one of the most important centers of winter tourism, hosts countless ski lovers every year. For this reason, the winter season in Kars is very active. In addition to those interested in skiing, it is also ideal for those who want to have a drink and enjoy the view at the foot of the white mountains. 


Ani Ruins

Located 40 km from Kars, these historical ruins are a legacy of Ani, which was once the capital. Touristic trips are also organized here. If you are interested in historical heritage, you may want to see these important city ruins.

Kars Museum

It is a museum where the pieces inherited from the past to the present are exhibited, which must be visited by those who are curious about the history and culture of Kars.


Must-Try Flavors in Kars

Kars cuisine has the most special selections of Anatolian cuisine. Since it has a cold climate, both meat and dairy products have an important place in the dishes. Some of the flavors we recommend you to try when you go to Kars are as follows:

Goose: One of the most famous main dishes of Kars is goose. The masters can cook goose meat in a stew or tandoor. This depends a little bit on personal taste.

Hangel: Another signature dish from the Kars region is hangel. It closely resembles ravioli in appearance and is filled with a mixture of minced meat, onions, and spices. Served with yogurt, once you try it, you won't forget its taste.

Keskek: When Kars is mentioned, one of the first flavors that come to mind is keskek. This dish, featuring wheat and meat cooked together, holds a significant place in traditional Turkish cuisine.

Piti: Frequently found in Kars restaurants and eateries, piti is a lamb and chickpea stew. It's a hearty dish often served with pita bread due to its rich broth.

Evelik Soup: Unique to Kars, evelik soup is prepared with lentils and cracked wheat (yarıma). It's both nourishing and satisfying.

Nettle Soup: Made with nettles and bulgur, this soup is one of Kars' distinctive flavors.

Honey Cream: Kars' most famous dessert, honey cream, is crafted from milk cream and honey. This delectable treat has gained popularity beyond the region.

Walnut Sucuk: A traditional dessert featuring walnuts and molasses, walnut sucuk is among Kars' special sweet offerings.

Ashura: Taste the ashura, a dish cooked year-round with a rich, delicious flavor, prepared by Kars' skilled chefs.

Kars Tea: Kars tea boasts a unique aroma setting it apart from other teas. It's a must-try beverage.


Where to Stay in Kars?

Kars offers accommodation options suitable for every budget, including hostels, motels, and hotels both within the city and its outskirts. Here are some places to consider:

Kars Hotel: Situated in the city center, this hotel provides various pricing options based on bed count and room size, making it a preferred choice for those seeking proximity to downtown.

Cheltikov Hotel: Housed in a historic building, this hotel stands out for its authentic architecture and offers different room categories at varying prices.

Ani Hotel: If you prefer to stay near Sarıkamış Ski Center, Ani Hotel is a suitable option.

Green Valley Hotel: For a pleasant vacation overlooking Çıldır Lake, consider Green Valley Hotel, conveniently located close to the lake.

Additionally, there are numerous budget-friendly hostels in Kars, providing alternative accommodation choices for those seeking an affordable vacation.

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