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19 October 2023

Halloween, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in some countries every year, is also observed in our country with small-scale festivities and enjoyment. In fact, Halloween has a rich history in these regions, being an ancient tradition that continues to thrive. Commemorated annually on October 31st, this festivity initially stemmed from Pagan rituals, eventually being adopted and adapted by Christians. During Halloween, kids and young adults dress up in vibrant costumes and engage in customary activities like trick-or-treating. Jack-o'-lanterns and candles are used for ornamentation. How do various countries celebrate this delightful holiday? Our engaging article has all the details for you.

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What are the Traditions of Halloween?

Naturally, like any other celebration, Halloween has its own set of customs and practices. For instance, pumpkins are carved during Halloween, and these hollowed pumpkins with cheerful faces adorn the entrances, balconies, and halls. The favored treat during this time is candy apples. Children don spooky attires and go from house to house, requesting candies. However, if the hosts choose to tell a joke instead of offering sweets, the children might play harmless pranks. This is entirely at their discretion. Grown-ups mark this occasion by arranging costume parties amongst themselves, often opting to dress up as characters from their favorite horror movies.

Which Countries Observe Halloween?

Halloween festivities are enthusiastically embraced in various European and Asian nations, particularly in America. Originally part of American culture, Halloween has now become a global phenomenon owing to the influence of popular culture. Commemorated annually on October 31st, this holiday traces its origins back to Pagan traditions, signifying the end of summer and the onset of winter. Although the holiday originated in America, it is celebrated fervently in nearly every country across all continents.

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Halloween Celebrations Across Different Countries

Halloween is celebrated annually in countries such as North America and the British Isles. Moreover, it has evolved into a custom in Latin countries, Oceania, the Philippines, and Japan. Let's delve into the unique ways this splendid and enjoyable holiday is observed in these various countries.


In the United States, where Halloween originated, this occasion is commemorated with immense delight. People of all ages begin preparations several days in advance. Halloween celebrations in America trace back to the 19th-century wave of immigration. This holiday, introduced to the nation through Irish immigrants, has also served as a theme for numerous Hollywood films. Children purchase costumes and apply makeup to resemble their favorite cartoon or movie characters. Pumpkins are carved, adorned with smiling faces, and illuminated with candles. As night falls, children roam from door to door with bags in hand, requesting candy or pocket money. Festivities continue throughout the night, ensuring everyone, especially the children, has a splendid time.

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Contrary to popular belief, Halloween has its origins in Britain rather than America. Therefore, it is crucial to note that this tradition is significantly older in England. Dating back to the Middle Ages, this holiday encompassed charming customs such as baking "Soul Cakes" for the less fortunate and communal singing. Preparations in Britain kick off early when October arrives, just like in America. Undoubtedly, this holiday is also the peak season for sales in stores and shops. Shops dedicated to specialized costumes, food, beverages, and decorations are brimming with customers. In the evenings, television broadcasts feature Halloween specials or favorite spooky movies. Everyone, regardless of age, revels in the festive spirit.

Latin America

October 31st holds a particularly significant place in the hearts of people in Latin American countries like Mexico and Spain. During the three-day festivities, families gather to pray for their departed loved ones, adorning their graves with flowers, sweets, and tokens of affection. It is believed in these regions that the spirits are most present during this period. With the gentle glow of candles, the wafting of incense, and heartfelt prayers, Halloween becomes a time not only for revelry but also for spiritual communion.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a vibrant blend of Eastern and Western cultures, embraces Halloween with fervor. The locals refer to this occasion as "Yue Lan," signifying the Festival of Hungry Ghosts. Similar to Latin American customs, it is believed that spirits are set free to roam on this day in Hong Kong. Prayers are offered for the departed, and offerings are placed. Even places like Disney Land in Hong Kong join in the Halloween spirit, providing visitors with a night of delightful entertainment.


Ireland has a longstanding tradition of observing Halloween, with its unique customs and rituals. Among these, the renowned "Bite the Apple" game, where participants attempt to sink their teeth into apples suspended by strings, takes center stage. As night falls, mischievous young children engage in pranks, bell-ringing escapades, candy collection, and enthusiastic costume parties. Guests and neighbors are also treated to the finest Irish culinary delights on this occasion. In Ireland, much like in America, people deck themselves in their favorite costumes, indulge in horror movie marathons, and revel until the break of dawn on Halloween night.

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