30 July 2020
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How Do We Improve Our Brain? 

Living in a fast world has an immense impact on us. After a whole day of juggling the professional life, never-ending meetings, and all other liabilities, we come home tired and spend the rest of our evening relaxing. We usually do not have any time left to improve ourselves or to improve our brains to better handle the daily challenges of the modern world. There is not an age limit to improve our brains, so we listed easy brain exercises applicable at all ages.

Experience new things 

When we are trapped in a daily routine, we continuously repeat the same activities, but experiencing new things activates our brains. This may be finding a new hobby or trying out a new recipe. These new experiences and activities speed up your brains in new directions while making you happy.


We all must know from our work or school lives that brainstorming is a rather useful method; that many ideas are found through it. Brainstorming on our own also gives a rhythm to our brains while also helping it exercise. Thinking and itemizing before making a presentation or writing about a subject is also a kind of brainstorming.  Thus, spend some time to shape the things you will do when you are on your own.

Breathing and Exercising

Taking deep breaths speeds up your blood flow and increases the oxygen rate in your body, which is an exercise system that improves your brain and helps you think clearly. Deep breath exercises are rather rewarding mentally and physically. For example, taking deep breaths before and after a work will increase your oxygen levels and blood flow while reducing your stress levels.

Take a break

Taking a 10-15 minutes-long break or changing what you do will relax your brain and change its rhythm at the same time. Considering that an average person can only focus on something for about 20 minutes, we will need regular breaks to be able to properly focus on what we do. Taking breaks is not always easy in a workspace, for deadlines, reports and presentations are waiting to be finished. But remember that a short break will benefit you in return with a clearer brain.

Be careful about nutrition

Even though we cannot always focus on what we are eating, please remember that this is an important subject to think about when it comes to our mental health. Effects of consuming fruits and vegetables on our brains, or which foods are beneficial for our health while which are not are among long-term research subjects. Do not forget that our bodies consist of what we consume and their benefits/harms to our bodies. There are some foods that are beneficial for our mental health. It is said that consuming fish products rich in Omega-3 is rather important for our brains, so try to focus on consuming more products rich in Omega-3.

Sleep enough

It is important for our brains to rest adequately for our mental health. A good night’s sleep is crucial not only for our mental health, but also for our overall health and to start the next day fresh. If we cannot sleep well enough, we might face many small- and large-scaled problems caused by not resting enough, from having headaches to actually larger problems. Lack of sleep slows down cognitive skills, creativeness and thinking while also weakening the memory. For an efficient sleep, you will see yourself to sleep better if you turn off all electronics half an hour before sleep.

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