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30 July 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 5 February 2021
Airports and how the new food/beverage services are provided in 5 questions. We are headed to Istanbul Airport to evaluate the new precautions. 

While waiting at the airport for our flight or in-between flights, we surely need to eat or drink something. As the airports take all the precautions they can following the Covid-19 pandemic, it is normal to have some question marks about the subject. We evaluated the precautions in Istanbul Airport for the pandemic to answer your concerns.

1- How do the employees provide services?

The human factor is the most important thing to be aware of under these circumstances. Each and every employee working in the kitchen or service at the airports mandatorily use masks, gloves, and visors, provided they regularly change them.

2- Are the employees audited?

Employees and their health are important for both sides. Based on what we have learned, employees’ temperatures are regularly measured, and their health statuses are checked. 

3- How do they disinfect the place?

Hygiene is another important factor. Chairs and desks are disinfected after each use. New customers are not allowed to sit before disinfection. Commonly used trays are also regularly disinfected after each use. In addition to these, each product served on tables (ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, straws, cutleries, etc.) are served in single-use packs. 

4- How do they serve your orders?

There are also important changes in serving. For example, printed menus and open buffet system are cancelled. Unpackaged products are not placed in cabinets; only packaged products. Q-matics are used to prevent lines in front of the cash register. You are assigned a number first and you can order when it is your turn. 

Sitting order is also particularly important. In order to ensure social distancing, tables are placed 2 meters apart from each other.

5- How do you pay?

Cash use is one of the most dangerous factors in this process; so, cash is not accepted in the airport. If you need to pay for something, you can either pay via contactless credit cards or online banking. 

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