30 July 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 August 2022

Electronic game enthusiasts know this rule very well: “You must be well equipped to play games.” Graphics card model, processor, RAM values, monitor etc. many parameters directly affect the enjoyment you will get from the game. With digital technologies, electronic games are developing so fast that personal computers can no longer meet the needs, regardless of their hardware. This is the reason why game consoles such as Playstation and Xbox attract so much attention.

Playstation, which was released in 1994, changed the game industry with Xbox. As the internet speed increased, people who turned to online gaming opportunities this time turned to change consoles. With the developments in cloud technologies and internet speed, we are facing a brand new gaming revolution today. “Stream”, that is, streaming has been in the gaming industry for a while. You can buy games and install improvements from the sites of streaming service companies. However, you still have to have good equipment. Console or a good computer… You have to refresh your device in order to play new games.

It looks like Google and Apple have decided to break this rule. Both IT giants introduced game-changing gaming platforms to the public in 2019. Google Stadia and Apple Arcade represent the future of electronic games for many. The main idea of ​​both services is to play games from the cloud with a certain subscription fee, regardless of hardware.
Stadia, developed by Google, was introduced on March 19, 2019. “Switch from watching to playing in seconds. Announced with the slogan "No updates or downloads", the platform is claimed to offer beautiful graphics and fluency with its cloud-based game infrastructure. You can play games on this system without downloading and installing any files. Partnering with AMD specifically for GPUs for its servers, Google promises the highest gaming performance. In order to use the platform that will work with the subscription system, it is enough that your device has enough power to watch videos. So you don't need very good hardware. With this system, which takes its power from Google's servers, you play games on a remote hardware. Apple Arcade, which works with a subscription model like Stadia, allows games to be played on different devices. You can continue the game you started on your mobile phone from where you left off on another Apple device. Here, it is seen that Apple has built a closed-circuit system within the brand as usual. The platform, which has more than 100 games, offers access to all games with a monthly subscription.

Online retail giant Amazon is expected to join the two brands, which target users without expensive equipment. The two systems that work with a game streaming subscription may not yet be able to replace game consoles due to internet speed barriers and game rights. On the other hand, it is very clear that the gaming world has entered a whole new path. In today's world where video and music content flows from online platforms, no one wants to spend the world's money for a certain device. Regardless of the brand, we should be able to play games instantly on our phone or television. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Stadia and Arcade platforms herald the future of the game world today.

People who have been thrown into the world of games with an arcade in the past know well that this is very valuable. Today, playing games has become a passion rather than an activity for distraction or entertainment. This is the biggest difference compared to the old ones. Regardless of children, young or middle-aged people, people of all age groups can find and play the game that suits them best. However, it is also useful to follow the latest technology games that we have mentioned above. Thus, it is possible to discover a wider variety of games within the scope of electronic games.


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