9 November 2022

As it is known, winter has come, and the season to have a comfortable holiday on cold and snowy winter days is at our doorstep when we say short semester, long semester or winter leaves. In our country, there are special spots for ski holidays on snowy days, from Palandöken to Uludağ, from Erciyes to Davraz. These spots, which are preferred for skiing or for different sports, are especially popular with ski enthusiasts. So, what are the requirements to combine the popular skiing sport with a holiday and have a pleasant skiing? What kind of ski suit should be chosen in the first place? From amateur to professional, what should be considered when choosing a ski team?

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Categories in Ski Equipment Selection

First of all, let's list the categories that should be considered when choosing a ski suit: Qualities such as ski length, ski category, gender, age or body characteristics are among the most important points in choosing a ski suit. Remember, if the right ski selection is not made, it is possible to encounter many worrying situations, from fatal accidents to distressing situations. Before getting the necessary information from ski instructors and experts in this field, do not attempt to choose a ski suit. Let's try to touch on these extremely important points, one by one.

The First Point to Consider: Ski Level

Before choosing the necessary equipment or ski set, it is useful to determine how good a ski user you are. Are you a beginner or an advanced skier? The answer to this is very important. The choice of ski equipment, which varies according to the beginner, intermediate, advanced or versatile ski level and the tracks you use, should be chosen correctly according to these categories. For example, soft and flexible ski types, which can be sensitive to even a low level of speed, may be suitable for the beginner level, while it can be considered suitable for the advanced level, which can be suitable for all conditions and skiing types or suitable for fast skiing.

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A Critical Trick in Ski Selection: Ski Length

The preferred ski should be approximately 10 to 20 cm shorter than your own height. However, never forget that an important point such as ski height is not only about your height, but also your weight, your level of skiing, your body structure and your target level while skiing, and never ignore these criteria. Let's not pass without mentioning the most well-known answer to this point: If the length of the ski is between your chin and your nose while you are wearing your ski shoes, the most ideal ski length is considered correct in this sense.

One of the Special Points of Ski Selection: Ski Level

While choosing skis, we mentioned that your skiing level is also very important. While ski suits that allow skiing on low-slope and non-difficult tracks are preferred for beginners, ski suits that allow them to slalom at high speeds may be preferred for advanced skiers. It's all about the skier's level of skiing and the ski categories he wants to do in the future. The selection suitable for the selected or performed ski level will allow you to both enjoy healthier skiing and enjoy it.

Important Criteria for Ski Preference: Body Structure and Body Characteristics

No matter how important it is that you like to ski or reach the level of skiing you aim for, your own body structure, age, gender and body characteristics are also undeniable in this sense and are at the forefront of the features that can never be ignored. For example, women's ski suits have a different weight point than men's ski suits and are produced as lighter and more flexible.

When we look at the body structure, it is not appropriate for a person who can be considered overweight to prefer light skis, or on the contrary, for an underweight and thin person to prefer heavy skis. For children, skiing preferences that can be made by looking at their height and weight should be made in consultation with experts and trainers, just like every step to be taken about skiing.

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Important Equipment in Ski Teams

When skiing is mentioned, equipment that allows you to ski naturally comes to mind. These include important equipment such as boots or ski shoes, ski poles, ski helmets, ski goggles, ski gloves, jackets and trousers. Here, for example, when choosing ski shoes, it is extremely important that the size is not large or small, and the exact size of ski shoes is chosen according to your foot size, and your ski shoes or boots, which are of great value in your movement, should be of the right size. It is another known fact that baton use is necessary in the selection of baton, whether the person is at the beginner or advanced level. The important thing is that it is in the appropriate size and length for the person.

As for the ski helmet, it should be perfectly suitable for your head and, like the shoes, the ski muscle should not be too big or small. One of the most important factors in having a pleasant skiing sport is that the helmet is ventilated, of appropriate size, with straps and is comfortable. When it comes to helmet goggles, of course, it should be paid attention that they are naturally anti-fog, water-repellent types. During skiing, there is hardly a factor as important as a clear vision. It is of vital importance in skiing to choose products with thermal properties, not cold when sweating, high properties, cold, wind and snowproof, especially in the selection of underwear, coats, gloves and coats.

As a final word, never neglect to get information from the experts and ski instructors in order to perform the skiing sport, which is a very enjoyable sport, or to choose the equipment required to do this sport correctly.

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