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20 August 2023

The Mediterranean, with its stunning azure waters, golden beaches, and cities steeped in history... This region, renowned for its rich cultural heritage dating back to ancient times, also boasts unique spots for camping enthusiasts. With its breathtaking natural beauty, refreshing waters, and tranquil bays, the Mediterranean is a destination that draws in camping aficionados. We've put together a list of cost-free camping locations that you can explore before the summer comes to a close. Enjoy your read!

Karacaören Dam Campsite - Burdur

Situated on Aksu Stream, 35 kilometers from the Bucak district of Burdur province, Karacaören Dam consists of two distinct sections, known as Section 1 and Section 2. The shores of this dam lake house tourism facilities, attracting attention due to its natural splendor and recreational areas that leave an impression on both local and international visitors. Sporting trails are also available for use. Karacaören Dam offers various opportunities such as nature tourism, sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, photo safaris, dam tours, fishing, swimming, and hiking. It serves purposes of irrigation and energy as well. Access to this location is feasible by private vehicle. There are also establishments around the dam where you can fulfill your needs.


Melikler Plateau Campsite - Isparta

Located in close proximity to Pınargözü Cave and Dedegöl Mountain, Melikler Plateau is roughly 10 kilometers from the Yenişarbademli District. The presence of clean water on the plateau makes it an ideal place for those interested in camping with tents. Each May, the Dedegöl Mountain Mountaineering Festival takes place on Melikler Plateau, and within the scope of this event, visitors have the opportunity to ascend the 2998-meter-high Dedegöl Mountain. Moreover, the Space Observation Festival is also organized on Melikler Plateau.

Doyran Pond Campground - Antalya

The Doyran Pond camping area in the Konyaaltı town of Antalya is conveniently situated close to Pınargözü Cave and Dedegöl Mountain. Alongside the ease of reaching the campsite via private car or public transportation, there are accommodation options available for camping, including tents or caravans.

No private businesses are situated around the campsite. Therefore, it's advisable to address your needs in advance. Despite its proximity to the center of Antalya, a serene ambiance awaits you here. Activities like trekking, cycling tours, resting in hammocks, nature walks, photography, barbecues, and campfires are all possible in the campsite. Additionally, you can enjoy a secure camping experience with strong cell phone signals.


Atakent Camping Ground - Mersin

Nestled within the Silifke district, Atakent is one of the most serene corners of Mersin, offering an excellent option for both picnic enthusiasts and camping aficionados. This spot, renowned for its natural beauty and amenities, truly shines with its oceanfront location. At Atakent, you can not only set up camp but also make use of conveniences like markets, restaurants, and cafes.

Getting to Atakent is a breeze – you can either drive your own vehicle or easily catch a shuttle service. The beach area provides ideal spaces for those seeking both camping and picnicking pleasures. However, keep in mind that starting a fire is strictly prohibited in this splendid natural haven.

Topaktas Plateau - Hatay

Situated along the Dörtyol - Hassa road in Dörtyol, Hatay, this plateau offers a chance for both camping and picnicking. Thanks to the nearby restaurants, you can either bring your own food and beverages or effortlessly satisfy your hunger at these dining spots.

Camping at Topaktaş Plateau comes at no cost, but don't forget to bring your own camping gear and essentials. Public transportation doesn't reach this unique plateau, but you can conveniently get there via shuttle services.


Tekir Plateau Camping Ground - Kahramanmaraş

Tekir Plateau in the Onikişubat district of Kahramanmaraş, primarily frequented by day trippers, is also an excellent choice for camping enthusiasts. You'll find your necessities such as restrooms, food, and drinks at the cafes and restaurants along the way. Tekir Plateau is easily accessible via the Kahramanmaraş - Kayseri route. Plus, entry is free of charge. Embrace a refreshing camping experience in this plateau enveloped by streams and ponds.

Geyikbayırı Camping Ground - Antalya

Situated 25.9 kilometers away from Antalya and 18 kilometers from Konyaaltı, Geyikbayırı offers an array of camping options – both paid and free areas. Paid camping facilities are set up for those seeking a more upscale camping experience. Alternatively, free campers can opt for forested areas or the outskirts of Sivri Dağ National Park. Geyikbayırı is easily reachable by public transportation or private car. However, if you choose forested areas for camping, note that basic amenities might be limited.


Salda Lake - Yeşilova, Burdur

Salda, Türkiye's third-deepest lake, often compared to the Maldives, is a beloved destination for swimming, picnicking, and exploration. Along the lake's edge, you'll find markets and spots catering to your basic needs, along with diverse opportunities for camping. Shower and restroom facilities are also at your disposal. The lake is a mere 2-hour drive from Burdur and situated 16 km from the Yeşilova district. Additionally, you can acquire your camping gear right here. While the lake is an excellent camping choice, exercise caution while swimming due to its depth.

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