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30 April 2024

Before we introduce our favorite roadtrip routes, let's first clarify what a "roadtrip" means. A "roadtrip" typically refers to a long journey by car or another vehicle. You might be traveling with your family, friends, or alone. The focus of such a journey is often more on the discoveries along the way and the cultural experiences rather than the destination itself. During a roadtrip, people usually stay at rest stops or camp overnight, sparking feelings of adventure, freedom, and discovery.

1. Kapadokya - Göreme National Park Route


The Cappadocia - Göreme National Park Route hosts one of Türkiye's most iconic and enchanting landscapes, hence its top spot on our list. Starting from central Cappadocia, your journey should begin at Göreme National Park, home to traditional stone houses, underground cities, and historic churches. The park is famous for its unique rock formations and fairy chimneys.

As you turn your route towards Güvercinlik Valley, you'll encounter many breathtaking panoramic views along the way. Certain spots like Uçhisar Castle and Love Valley offer great photo opportunities.

Of course, watching the hot air balloons dancing in the sky above Cappadocia is a key part of this mesmerizing scenery.

2. Kaş - Kalkan Coastal Route

This road adorned with the azure waters of the Aegean Sea will take you through ancient cities of the Lycian civilization, surrounded by lush green mountains and stunning coves along the coastline. This allows you to enjoy small towns and magnificent views while savoring the sea and nature.

Starting from Kaş, as you progress along the Coastal Road, it leads you to Küçük Çalış Beach. Known for its clean sea and beautiful shoreline, you can take a break here for a few hours of swimming and sunbathing.

Throughout your journey, you'll be accompanied by the magnificent views of Kekova Bay. You'll likely want to stop at various points to capture photos, given the area's historical remains, tranquil coves, and clear waters of Kekova.

3. Fethiye - Ölüdeniz Route


This road leading to one of Türkiye's most famous beaches, Ölüdeniz, takes you to this corner of paradise renowned for its turquoise waters and golden sands. Known as the Turkish Riviera, this region offers breathtaking vistas for those traveling by car or motorcycle.

If seeing Butterfly Valley from above isn't enough, you might want to take a break in this natural paradise. If that's your intention, be sure to visit the waterfall and, if possible, spend a night here.

4. Trabzon - Uzungöl Route

This road through the mystical atmosphere of the Black Sea region, where you can witness every shade of green, takes you to the unique beauty of Uzungöl.

During your journey, you may want to take a break at Sultan Murat Plateau, famous for its natural beauty and cool climate. A picnic in the fresh air will refresh you completely, no matter how long you've been on the road.

Once you arrive at the magnificent Uzungöl nestled amidst verdant mountains, be sure to take a walk by the lake and savor the local products.

5. Muğla - Datça Route


To discover the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the Aegean and nourish your soul with unique views along the way, redirect your route towards Datça. Passing through the historic texture of Muğla center, you'll eventually reach the highly popular resort town of Marmaris. Whether to take a break here is up to you. If you're up for some activity and crowds, a stroll along Marmaris beach or treating yourself to coffee at the marina could be perfect.

As you head towards the Datça peninsula, you'll notice the landscape changing multiple times, progressing towards a different geography step by step. After visiting Datça town center and Old Datça, don't forget to explore the winding forest roads leading to beautiful bays. Ovabükü, Hayıtbükü, Palamutbükü, Knidos Ancient City, and Kızlan Village are our favorites.

6. Amasya-Samsun Route

The Black Sea region is truly a treasure trove for scenic journeys. The Amasya-Samsun road is particularly among our favorites. Starting from the historic city of Amasya and extending to Samsun, this unique route offers many opportunities to pause at historical and cultural sites. For instance, we recommend allocating at least a few hours to explore Merzifon, famous for its Ottoman-era historic homes and mosques.

Çambaşı Plateau in Ordu is another paradise along this route, renowned for its clean air and stunning views. It's also a great place to discover unique Black Sea flavors.

7. Bolu - Yedigöller Route


Another suggestion for those seeking a journey immersed in nature is the Bolu-Yedigöller route. After exploring Bolu's natural beauties, take a break at Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) to snap plenty of photos. You won't want to leave this peaceful piece of nature composed of seven different lakes. Just make sure to avoid peak seasons and weekends.

Later, you can divert your route towards Gölcük Plateau. Like all plateaus, Gölcük is known for its clean, cool air—ideal if you're traveling in sweltering heat.

Ending your journey by a lake, visiting Abant—one of Bolu's most touristy destinations—will be a delightful experience. If you have the time, renting a boat on the lake could make for an unforgettable experience.

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