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8 March 2024

Just like every year, this year's Ramadan events in Istanbul promise to be vibrant. Ramadan, the Sultan of the eleven months, holds significant importance for the Muslim world. Therefore, the municipalities in Istanbul are planning to celebrate this enthusiasm by organizing various events. 

In previous years, municipalities have organized numerous iftar programs, traditional theater shows, film screenings, and traditional concert selections, presenting the people of Istanbul with an unforgettable Ramadan spirit. Both municipalities and private sector institutions are arranging various events this year as well. We've compiled the Ramadan events calendar starting from March 10th and ending on April 8th for you.

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What to Expect at the Events?

It's essential to discuss what content the Ramadan events will offer and what enjoyable activities await people. Many shows and activities that will appeal to both children and adults await the people of Istanbul. Undoubtedly, the most beloved among these are the tent programs. After iftar and tarawih prayers, various districts and neighborhoods will host activities like theater, concerts, and discussions. Ramadan-themed exhibitions will also allow visitors to see the works of many famous artists.

Numerous conferences will also take place as part of the Ramadan events. In these conferences, many theologians and educators will provide significant information about both the Ramadan month and Islamic culture. Municipalities haven't forgotten the children during Ramadan. Many fun activities for children will be included in the Ramadan calendar. Among these are puppet shows, handicraft courses, and games that will provide enjoyable moments for children. Additionally, sports tournaments that children can participate in will be organized as part of the Ramadan events.

Iftar Tables in Every District of Istanbul

This year, information about iftar programs and iftar tables will be available on the official website of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Iftar tables are one of the most special programs that unite people and remind us of charity and solidarity. Iftar tables will be set up in almost every district of Istanbul. Ramadan tables, with all their splendor and blessings, will await the people of Istanbul, both supporting those in need and bringing people together to stand as one during this significant month.

Moreover, trips to many historical sites in Istanbul will be organized. Guided tours to Istanbul's most important structures, such as mosques, will be arranged. During these tours, the history and significance of structures like the Süleymaniye Mosque, Selimiye Mosque, and Sultanahmet Mosque, which are integral to the city, will be explained. Additionally, participants can join iftar tables and perform tarawih prayers during the tours. Since the tour programs are organized by both Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and private corporate firms, simply following the schedules will be sufficient to participate.

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Workshops Special for Ramadan

There will also be many workshops dedicated to traditional flavors specific to Ramadan. In these workshops, expert chefs will teach how to make traditional dishes. The Ramadan Special Workshops, which will be colorful, instructive, and enjoyable, will include the preparation of special Ramadan desserts and dishes like Revani, güllaç, and milky Ramadan bread. Ramadan table workshop programs for both children and adults will be announced shortly before the Ramadan month, allowing people to learn in advance which workshops will be available in their districts.

Special Ramadan Concerts

Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful events of Ramadan is the concerts performed by esteemed artists. In many districts of Istanbul, important music groups such as the Istanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble, Istanbul State Classical Turkish Music Chorus, State Folk Music Chorus, State Turkish Music Research and Practice Chorus, and State Folk Dance Group will perform their most special pieces. Additionally, various artists performing different genres of music exclusively for Ramadan will meet their fans during public concerts, bringing the joy of Ramadan to life in the best possible way.

Free Theater and Cinema Screenings

One of the most special and enjoyable events of Ramadan is the opening of theater stages to the public for free. The legendary plays of various important theater groups will be showcased in theaters set up throughout the city. It will be possible to participate in free theater and cinema screenings both within the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) and by private institutions. Traditional plays like Hacivat Karagöz, meddah, and ortaoyunu, which hold significant places in our culture, will be presented to the delight of audiences of all ages.

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İGA Istanbul Airport Ramadan Special Events

Just like last year, Istanbul Airport, operated by İGA, will once again host a variety of enjoyable events for passengers during Ramadan. Passengers can look forward to special Ramadan tables, themed music, festive decorations, theater performances, and screenings. Both international and domestic passengers will be treated to special surprises.

Ramadan events have become a beloved tradition at Istanbul Airport, promising vibrant and lively scenes once again this year. The Ramadan Village, a specially created area, is gearing up to welcome Ramadan and the Holy Month with great enthusiasm. Visitors to the Ramadan Village will be treated to a variety of entertaining games featuring different characters, each with their own unique stories. For instance, at Keraban Aga's House, visitors will encounter the stubborn yet endearing Keraban Aga engaging in delightful conversations with village residents.

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Meddah's Scene will transport visitors through time with captivating storytelling. Meanwhile, the House of Kavuklu and Pişekâr will showcase the adventures of the inseparable village duo. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the homes of other prominent characters such as Mihri Müşfik Hanım's Workshop, Ali Kuka's House, and Karagöz and Hacivat's House throughout Ramadan.

Continuing the tradition of preserving centuries-old customs, Istanbul Airport, operated by İGA, will ensure that passengers transferring or waiting for flights have a memorable and culturally enriching Ramadan experience this year. The Ramadan Special Events Calendar for Istanbul Airport will be available on İGA's website and social media platforms. Additionally, details of all Ramadan events in Istanbul can be found on the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's website. For information on events hosted by other private organizations, visitors are encouraged to visit their official websites for dates and ticket information.

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