5 June 2022

Summer means the season of the festival. During June, many festival events with different concepts are organized in almost every city in Turkey. Fun culture, art festivals, music festivals, and various festivals continue to add color and movement to your city. We have compiled the June festivals for you, where you will combine the enthusiasm of summer with the excitement of the festival.


Big Fest Istanbul 2022

Big Fest Istanbul, one of the biggest festivals in Istanbul, is held at Life Park on 4-5 June. At the festival, where valuable artists will take the stage, you will get enough music and entertainment, and you will enjoy the festival to the fullest with different activities. Blue Grey, Sefo, Emir Can Iğrek, Duman, Adamlar, Nova Norda, and Anıl Piyanci will take the stage in Big Fest Istanbul, which is full of surprises.

Date: 4-5 June 20222, 13:00

Location: Life Park

Ticket: Biletix

Yazzz Festival in the City, Istanbul

Yazzz Festival in the City, where those who want to experience the summer enthusiasm in Istanbul and get away from the crowd of the city for a bit meet, will be held at Maximum Uniq Open Air on 11-12 June. You will spend pleasant moments all day long with music, stand-up shows, street delicacies, entertainment, shopping stands, coffee areas, digital games, and mini-competitions. Popular names such as Gazapizm, Deniz Tekin, Ceza, Sena Şener, Berto, and Eftelya will take the stage at the festival, which will take place one more than another.

Date: 11- 12 June 2022, 13:00

Location: Maximum Uniq Outdoor

Ticket: Biletino

2nd İzmir International Film and Music Festival

The "İzmir International Film and Music Festival," which will be held for the second time this year in cooperation with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Intercultural Art Association, opens its doors to its visitors on June 10th. At the festival, more than 100 feature films and short film competitions will meet with the audience due to the 100th anniversary of the liberation of İzmir. The opening of the festival, which will take place at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, will be with a music concert by Zülfü Livaneli, which will be performed by the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Symphony Orchestra.

Date: 10- 19 June 2022, 19:00

Venue: Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center



49th Golden Cherry Culture and Art Festival

Organized by İzmir Kemalpaşa Municipality, the 49th Golden Cherry Culture and Art Festival awaits its visitors with the participation of successful artists and colorful activities between 12-16 June. The festival, which has become a tradition every year since 1936, is held to encourage the best cherry growers and to support the local people. Within the scope of the festival, valuable names such as Haluk Levent, Koray Avcı, and Özcan Türe will take the stage.

Date: 12-16 June 2022

Location: Kemalpaşa Recreation Area

Ticket: Free

Bergama Theater Festival

Bergama Theater Festival, which will be held for the third time this year, meets with its visitors between 2-5 June. Bergama Theater Festival, which will take place in the historical places and streets of Bergama, İzmir, will host audiences of all ages. The festival, which will last for four days, will start with the opening concert of Mabel Matiz. The festival will include paid and free events, including festival performances, workshops, talks, and marches. Bergama Theater Festival, which is based on the topics of Localization, Sectorization, Accessibility of Social and Cultural Life, and Participation of Children and Youth in Culture and Art Life, aims to draw attention to the importance of sharing new stories.

Date: 2- 5 June 2022

Location: Bergama

Ticket: Mobile


Antalya Accra Jazz Festival

Antalya Akra Jazz Festival is being held in Antalya for the fifth time this year. The festival brings together world-famous jazz masters with art lovers between 3-18 June. Antalya Akra Jazz Festival, which will be held in Antalya Akra Hotels, is preparing to meet the audience with a colorful and wide musical spectrum that blends jazz music, funk, rock, Latin, soul, and electronic styles, as well as modern and classical jazz. As part of the festival, many valuable and successful artists and groups such as Igor Butman, Fantine, Imany, Akra Jazz Band, Onat Murat Trio, Mark Eliyahu, Esra Kayıkçı Band, and Fazıl Say will take the stage.

Date: 3- 18 June 2022, 20:30

Location: Antalya Akra Hotels

Ticket: Biletix

Mix Fest

Mix Fest, which will be organized in cooperation with Bilkent University Music Club and Hacettepe University Rock Group, says hello to summer on June 3-4. The festival, which will last for two days in Ankara CerModern, will entertain you with different music genres and reveal the spirit of youth. Within the scope of the festival, many successful names such as Evrencan Gündüz, İlkay Şencan, Redd, and Barlas & Mert will meet with the young fans.

Date: 3- 4 June 2022, 16:00

Location: CerModern, Ankara

Ticket: Biletix

THK Aviation Festival

The Aviation Festival, which will be organized to contribute to the development of sportive aviation and to teach aviation culture to children and young people, meets with its visitors on 25-26 June, hosted by the Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK). At the festival, which will take place at the İnönü Aviation Training Center with an area of 950 decares in Eskişehir, visitors will be given free flights by drawing lots. Within the scope of the festival, there will be many activities such as shows, public flights, competitions, shopping, dining, entertainment, and concerts. THK's 97-year-old tradition will be revived at the festival, where all kinds of light-engine aircraft will take place.

Date: 25- 26 June 2022

Venue: THK İnönü Aviation Training Center, Eskişehir

Ticket: Free

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