25 September 2020
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Famous British Dish: Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips dish is an important part of the British culture. So much so that we almost immediately think of it when someone says England. Many British people say that there is nothing more British than Fish and Chips. 

An Example of the Fusion Cuisine*

Basically, Fish and Chips is a hot dish of fish fried in butter and served with French fries. You can pick a small, medium, or large size.  You can have it in a restaurant or a pub or have it to-go. Poppies Fish and Chips, Golden Union Fish Bar, Kerhisher & Malt, and The Golden Gint are only a couple of the Fish and Chips venues in London, which are approved by food critiques. 


What is Fish and Chips eaten with?

It is served with different sauces in many venues. Some of these sauces are:

• Salt and Vinegar: Many people prefer salt and vinegar as a sauce. They usually add vinegar at home if they take it to-go. 

• Lemon: Plenty of squeezed lemon topped with a single slice as garnish.

• Tartare Sauce: A mayonnaise-based sauce usually served with fish dishes.

 Mushy Peas: A soup-like sauce made with mashed peas. 

• Gravy: A thick sauce made of meat or vegetable stock.

• Curry Sauce: They pour warm curry on Fish and Chips. 

• Scraps/Scatching: Small scraps of butter formed while the fish was fried. You can especially ask for it. 

It is not only famous in England

Of course it is best known in England, but it also became a popular food in other countries over the years, especially in English-speaking countries. 


The first Fish and Chips venue was opened by a Greek migrant in the 1870’s. Today, there are many Fish and Chips restaurants in Australia, and almost all pubs and other restaurants have it on their menu. 


The culture started with an Italian migrant selling Fish and Chips from his cart in front of various pubs. The migrant’s spouse started selling with the motto: ‘Uno di questa, Uno di quello’ (a little from this, a little from that). Thus, they still call Fish and Chips “One and One” in the country.

New Zealand:

The first Fish and Chips dish was brought to the country by a British migrant. It is so popular in New Zealand, that even the smallest county has a Fish and Chips venue.  Just like England, they declared Fridays as the day of “eating fish”. 


Most of the USA call the dish Fish and Chips, just like England, but it is called “Fish Fry” in North New York and Wisconsin. It is also served with French fries. But the fries are thinner than those in England. As another difference from England, the dish is served with coleslaw, pickles, onions, and lemon. 

*Fusion Cuisine: A cuisine, which combines various kitchen cultures.
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