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5 January 2023

Many travelers are looking for new ways to realize their trips by different means. In this context, the Göller Express is just for you! It offers a very pleasant and comfortable travel experience and is waiting for your journey to give you unforgettable moments. So, let's find out together the answer to everything you wonder about the Göller Express.

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What is Göller Express?

Imagine that you are opening up to natural beauties with a very pleasant train journey. So much so that its starting point is the land of fragrant lavender and roses, and its destination is enchanting with its uniquely beautiful scenery at every point. Apart from all these, the Göller Express, which passes through many beautiful cities and prominent districts, appeals to travelers who want to discover new places. At the same time, the Göller Express, which is the TCDD Transportation train, comes before you with 2+2 pullman wagons.

Which cities does the Göller Express pass through?

Let's clear up another question that has been on many people's minds. Which cities does the Göller Express go to? It shuttles between Isparta and Izmir/Basmane. Moreover, this route, which has a scenic route in all four seasons, is also in demand by many people. Apart from all these, we can say that right after its departure from Isparta, it connected the provinces of Burdur, Denizli, Aydın, and Isparta, respectively.

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Which stops does the Göller Express pass through?

Which stops the Göller Express passes through maintains its current place among the most frequently asked questions. At this stage, we can say that the Göller Express, which passes through 37 main and intermediate stops in total, is one of the most preferred trains in the region. The sequential list of stops departing from Isparta is as follows: Burdur, Isparta, Bozanönü, Sütlaç, Evciler, Dazkırı, Çardak, Bozkurt, Kaklık, Denizli, Goncalı, Sarayköy, Buharkent, Horsunlu, Kuyucak Gümüşgün, Keçiborlu, Karakuyu, Dinar, Nazilli, Atça, Sultanhisar, Köşk, Umurlu, Aydın, İncirliova, Germencik, Ortaklar, Çamlık, Selçuk, Sağlık, Tepeköy, Torbalı, Adnan Menderes Airport, and Gaziemir, İzmir. It is in your hands to have enjoyable and entertaining moments on the journey that takes place within these routes. What are you still waiting for!

How Many Hours Does the Göller Express Journey Take?

Another thing to feel curious about is how long the lakes exp the Göller Express ress journey takes. An expedition of the Göller Express, which acts as a bridge connecting different cultures, is known to have a length of 453 kilometers. Apart from all these, the journey takes approximately 8 hours and 15 minutes. Don't be intimidated by this time! Traveling on the Göller Express will give you immense pleasure.

What is the Göller Express Timetable and Fee?

There are hundreds of people wondering about the Göller Express timetable and price. In this context, we must say that the full ticket price of the Göller Express, which departs from Isparta at 22.30 and from Izmir/Basmane at 23.05, is 71 TL. At the same time, it should be noted that there are separate pricing in different categories such as 7-2 age child discount, 13-26 age youth discount, 60-64 age discount, over 65 age discount, personnel discount, teacher discount, TAF employee discount, and press discount. Moreover, if you plan to travel with your pet on the Göller Express, you can also buy a pet ticket.

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Where to Buy the Göller Express Train Ticket?

It is also a matter of curiosity where to buy the Göller Express train ticket. In this context, it is up to you to buy your Göller Express ticket, which is among the TCDD mainline trains, from different alternative ways. Among these, we can count TCDD's own official ticket sales website, main and intermediate stop ticket offices, and TCDD agencies. So, don't worry at the purchasing stage. Different alternatives are waiting for you to make your journey better.

Is There a Dining Car on the Göller Express?

Another question that bothers people is the question of whether there is a dining car on the Göller Express. Unfortunately, there are no dining car and food and beverage service services on the Göller Express, which connects Isparta and Izmir. For this reason, we recommend that you take all the food and beverage needs you may need during the journey before you travel. Apart from that, you can start your joyful Göller Express journey with the food and drinks you bring.

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