5 January 2023

First, let’s take a look at what geographically indicated product means. In fact, it is the short definition of a product to be recognized by its geographical name and location. Products that are identified with the region where they are grown differ in quality from similar products and have gained national or international reputation are known as geographically indicated products. Aydın Fig, Aydın Chestnut, Milas Olive Oil, Gaziantep Baklava, and Malatya Apricot, which have been given geographical indication registration by the European Commission, are at the top. In addition to all these, it should be noted that geographically indicated products are registered as protected designation of origin and protected geographic indication.  

What is the Origin of Geographical Indications Products?

A product with a geographical indication of origin means that it is fed from natural and human resources belonging to a certain geographical region. In other words, for the product to come to life here, the production, processing, and all processes must be experienced in this geographical region.

What are the Geographical Indications for Products?

For the product with the geographical indication of origin, one of the production, processing, or all other processes must have taken place in this geographical region. The product must be, in a sense, intertwined with the geographical region where it is produced and comes to life with its reputation and a certain feature.

Akçaabat Meatball, Trabzon

A legendary taste, Akçaabat Meatball is a delicious taste that has been brought to life since 1940. Akçaabat Meatball, prepared with ground beef, garlic, salt, stale bread, and olive oil, has gained not only its reputation within Turkiye but also internationally. (Protected geographic indication)

Anamur Banana, Mersin

Anamur Banana, which has been produced in two stages open field cultivation and greenhouse cultivation, has taken its rightful place in the fruit world as a domestic banana. Although it is not very large, Anamur Banana, which is extremely delicious, manages to enchant those who eat it. (Protected designation of origin)

Milas Olive Oil, Mugla

The benefits of olive oil to the body and brain are innumerable. Milas Olive Oil delays skin aging, and its positive effect on heart health and brain functions is undeniable. By providing protection against cancer, it prevents weight gain and promises a healthy life. (Protected designation of origin)


Urla Gum Artichoke, Izmir

Artichoke grown in Urla, one of the pearls of İzmir, is a liver-friendly and unbelievably healthy food. There is no one who does not know that an Artichoke Festival is held in May every year for the artichoke who likes the mild climate of Urla and İzmir as a season. (Protected geographic indication)

Aydin Fig, Aydin

Again, there is a product whose reputation has exceeded the borders of the country. When Aydın Fig is mentioned, it is indisputably the best. It has an exquisite taste as well as an extremely high-quality fig structure. Both healthy and delicious, Aydın Fig plays an important role in weight control and contributes to cell regeneration. (Protected designation of origin)

Antep Baklava, Gaziantep

Gaziantep, which is one of the provinces with the most products on the list, is enjoying the most justified happiness of making the list proud. Whatever you look for, from pepper paste to baklava, lahmacun to kebab, adds fame to Antep province. A feast with Antep Baklava. (Protected geographic indication)

Kula Chickpeas, Manisa

Kula, which is one of the first regions that come to mind when it comes to roasted chickpeas, has a variety of delicious roasted chickpeas, such as plain, salty, hot, peppered, and sweetened. This delicious product, which takes its place in diet lists with its satiety, balances blood sugar, protects the bone structure, and relaxes by relieving stomach juice. (Protected geographic indication)

Maraş Ice Cream, Kahramanmaras

This is a legendary taste. Maraş Ice Cream, which has been achieved not only in Turkiye but also in the world, is a delicious product with its special production and quality materials used in its production. Maraş Ice Cream, which is made from goat’s milk with its most well-known feature; it melts hard with its strong structure. (Protected geographic indication)

Malatya Apricot, Malatya

There is a product that is exported to almost more than 100 countries: Malatya Apricot. Malatya Apricot, which is at the top of the balanced and healthy nutrition lists, comes to life only by drying in the natural sun without chemical treatment. It never fails to taste. (Protected designation of origin)

Kars Cheese, Kars

Reprinting the mouth-watering Kashkaval name, Kars Cheddar is indispensable for those who love cheese and especially cheddar. Produced from the milk of cows fed in high-altitude areas of the city, Kars Kashkaval Cheese is more than worth tasting with its taste and quality taste. (Protected geographic indication)

Ödemiş Potatoes, İzmir

This potato type, which grows in the Ödemiş district, is very popular with its thin and easily peeled structure. Potatoes, which are grown in the highlands using healthy seeds, are the favorite of potato lovers with their yellow color and flavor. Crops planted in May and June are harvested in September and October.

Taşköprü Garlic, Kastamonu

Taşköprü Garlic is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to garlic in Turkiye. With the smell and taste of real garlic, Taşköprü Garlic lowers high blood pressure, is the main enemy of colds, and is a strong antioxidant. (Protected geographic indication)

Afyon Sucuk, Afyonkarahisar

Indispensable for breakfasts or barbecues, Afyon Sucuk is more than enough to seduce the minds with its smell and taste. This sucuk, which is also used in toasts, is an incredibly delicious option with its quality content and presentation. (Protected geographic indication) 

Van Herbed Cheese, Van

Van Herby Cheese, which is obtained by adding herbs unique to Van to cheese, is literally a vitamin store with the addition of onion grass, thyme, and other herbs. Cheese, which has a high value in terms of vitamin C, is also known for its antimicrobial effect. (Protected geographic indication) 

Adana Şalgam, Adana

Adana Şalgam, which comes to mind when Adana and beverages are mentioned, is a beverage belonging to the cruciferous family. Şalgam, whose raw material is beetroot and black or purple carrot, is an extremely important antioxidant-sourced beverage. It is extremely beneficial for heart, bone, and eye health. (Protected designation of origin)

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