21 January 2021
Güncelleme Tarihi: 25 June 2022
A Greenhouse-Concept Restaurant in Amsterdam following the “New Normal” Trend: Mediametic ETEN

We spent our lives at home for a while due to the restrictions and precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the increasing “new normal” standards and rules, restaurants started to take their own precautions. These new normal rules enable us to continue the “normal” of our lives as “normal” as the pandemic allows. 

Enabling people to continue their normal eating and drinking activities within the framework of new normal rules, a restaurant called Mediamatic ETEN made a name for itself with a different concept. This concept is called “Serres Separés” in French (Separated Greehouses in English); it allows people to eat in glass greenhouses with a view of a strait abiding by the social distancing rules.


Each of these glasshouses is called a “Chambre séparée”, meaning a “separate room”. The goal of these rooms is to make you feel like you are eating outside in a cozy environment with your loved ones, but in completely glass rooms. You need to have a reservation to go in. As far as we saw on their websites, all reservations for the next month are already full.

But how do you get served in these special rooms? We first need to mention that Mediamatic ETEN is a vegan restaurant. As per hygiene rules, you don’t get a printed menu. Four plant-based plates are offered to you on a long wooden tray for you to pick your favorite. These wooden trays are carefully disinfected after each use. Waiters are obligated to wear their own protective clothes (masks, gloves, and visors) at all times. These protective clothes are regularly changed and disinfected. Mediamatic ETEN is also famous for plates that do not require utensil use. You can select the plates to eat with hand.

The Serres Separées are only recommended for people already living in the same house. These new places with a solution for our new normal trend will seemingly occupy our agenda for a while.


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