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21 August 2023

ECO Trails Bicycle Routes

Muğla's distinct nature and geography offer unique routes for cycling enthusiasts. After three years of intensive work, the Köyceğiz, Ortaca, and Dalaman regions are ready to be explored with a total of 470 km of hiking and 740 km of cycling routes. These routes comprise 5 routes in Köyceğiz, 4 in Ortaca, 5 in Dalaman, and the connecting routes in between. Thanks to the red directional signs, these routes can be followed in both directions and are interconnected. The routes are also linked to the Çameli Bicycle Routes in the northeast.

This route traverses various ecosystems, including forests, mountains, rivers, and lakes. Visitors can cycle through pine tree groves, breathe in the fresh air, cool off in turquoise lake waters, and ascend mountains to take in panoramic views. Ancient cities like Kaunos, Pisilis, Lydae, Oktapolis, Daedala, Telmessos, and Kibyra offer opportunities to learn about the history and culture of all three regions.


The layout of the ECO-trail route is well-organized and easy to navigate, devoid of confusion. Directional signs are placed along the entire route, designed in line with available apps. GPS data for the routes is also recorded, and a dedicated mobile application has been developed for ease of use. The trail marking method resembles that of routes such as the Lycian Way and the Carian Way, featuring red and white striped signs and yellow directional indicators at crucial intersections. These directional signs provide information like the destination name and distance, sign number, trail name and code, and logos of relevant stakeholders.

The route encompasses 14 segments, each approximately 30 km long, offering options for various fitness levels and preferences.

What Awaits You at ECO-Trails?

The ECO Trails route showcases abundant natural riches and opportunities for exploration in the Köyceğiz, Ortaca, and Dalaman districts. Wetlands like Köyceğiz Lake, Alagöl, Sülüklü Lake, Sulungur Lake, and İztuzu Lake mirror the region's diversity, while Kocagöl and Gökçeova Pond provide a serene ambiance. Natural wonders like Yuvarlakçay Canyon and Kepez Canyon offer breathtaking vistas. Çiçekbaba Mountain, Çal Mountain, and Ölemez Mountain present different aspects of nature to discover.

Among the rare species encountered along the ECO Trails are the İribaş Sea Turtle, Lycian Black Sea Turtle, Otter, and Caracal. Unique creatures like the Izmir Kingfisher and sweetgum trees can also be observed. Maintaining natural balance and sensitivity is crucial in areas where these species are protected.

The refreshing waters of Namnam Stream, Yuvarlakçay, and Dalaman Stream, along with natural healing sources like Sultaniye Hot Springs, Kokargirme, and Kapukargın Sulphurous Hot Springs, await along the ECO Trails.


Within the scope of this route, you can enjoy peaceful bays like Akçıballık, İnardı, Şeytancık, and Lakoz; explore islands such as Hamam, Gökgemile, Ağa Limanı, and Merdivenli; and relax on sandy beaches like Kurşunlu, Kille, and Osmanağa.

Ancient cities like Kaunos, Pisilis, Asar, and Lydae will immerse you in history. The remnants in Sultaniye, Dalyan, and Gökbel reflect a rich cultural heritage. The sarcophagi and rock tombs in Karadonlar, Fevziye, and Kızılkaya tell stories of times gone by.

ECO Trails Hiking Routes

ECO Trails offer a diverse range of hiking routes through the districts of Köyceğiz, Ortaca, and Dalaman, each with its own distinct character. These trails are divided into three main lines: the Coastal Line, the Northern Line, and the Central Line, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience for hikers.

These routes, totaling 470 kilometers in length, are carefully designed to connect the Carian Way, Lycian Way, and Fethiye hiking trails. During your journey, you can easily navigate by following the yellow directional signs and red-and-white markings, guiding you along both main roads and hidden paths.


The Coastal Line spans 245 kilometers, offering a captivating seaside adventure. The serene rhythm of the waves, the natural beauty of wetlands, and the archaeological remnants narrating millennia of history greet you along this path. The Northern Line, covering a distance of 115 kilometers, takes you on a journey through the heart of rural life, amidst majestic mountains, melodious rivers, and deep canyons.

The Central Line, stretching for 110 kilometers, connects the Köyceğiz, Dalaman, and Ortaca districts. Here, you can enjoy a tranquil stroll through nature, immersing yourself in the enchanting ambiance of sweetgum forests. As you traverse this route, you'll have the opportunity to experience the revitalizing waters of sulphurous springs and encounter archaeological sites that bear witness to history's passage.

Spring is undoubtedly the ideal season to embark on the Eco Trails. Hiking during this time, when the weather is pleasantly mild, enhances the experience compared to the winter freeze or the hot and humid conditions of summer. However, if your preference is to hike during summer while avoiding the heat, you can opt for the northern routes. Similarly, during winter, selecting the central and coastal regions minimizes exposure to snow and cold.

Coastal Route

Karabörtlen Junction-Hamitköy






Kışla-İnardı-Aşı Bay

Aşı Bay-Sarigerme

Dalaman Beach



Unmarked Coastal Trails

Kapıdağı (North-South)

Kapıdağı (West-East)



Gocek-Inlice-Günlüklü Bay

Middle Route

Toparlar Sigla Route



Ortaca-Dalaman (Closed)



eco trails

Northern Route

Döğüşbelen-Toparlar Waterfall-Yeşilköy



Çaylı-Akkaya-Barajyolu (Nuri Baba)



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