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29 September 2023

The deep blue waters and stunning natural beauty of the Aegean grace 13 Blue Flag beaches. Inviting holidaymakers to their own paradises, these beaches shine not only with the deep blue of the sea but also with their environmentally sustainable practices. Do you fancy strolling on warm, golden sands or soothing your skin in crystal-clear waters? It's all achievable here. These unique beaches offer more than just sunbathing and swimming; you can enjoy a range of activities, from water sports to nature hikes, relish delectable seafood, and explore historical sites. So, without further ado, let's dive into our content. We hope you enjoy the read.

Kaleonu Beach - Izmir

Welcome to one of the Aegean's most enchanting beaches. This beach runs from the front of the magnificent Çandarlı Castle in the Çandarlı region of Dikili to the tip of the peninsula, making it the shining star of Dikili. Kaleönü Beach offers an unusual experience as the sea deepens shortly after entry and then becomes shallow again along the sandy shore. It's one of Izmir's most popular beaches.

Kumluk Beach - Datça

Welcome to Datça, a place of natural wonders and enchanting beaches. Kumluk Beach is a hidden gem not only in this region but along the entire Aegean coast. This idyllic beach greets you with its serene and shallow waters, almost resembling a lake. You can easily reach this beach on foot from the center of Datça, and the best part is, it's free!

Datça kumluk

Ilica Beach - Cesme

Now, we find ourselves at a beach that needs no introduction; its reputation extends far beyond Izmir and even Türkiye itself. We are at Ilıca Beach, often likened to the Miami of Türkiye, where people travel for kilometers to bask in its warm waters. Ilıca Beach is renowned not only for its sea but also for its thermal spring waters. Fed by the Ilıca hot springs, a place where people with various ailments have sought healing for centuries, Ilıca Beach lives up to its promises. Furthermore, getting to the beach is quite convenient, and it is also a public beach.

Belcekiz Beach - Fethiye

Belcekız Beach, one of the highlights that define Fethiye, captivates visitors with its calm waters and the breathtaking view of Ölüdeniz. This golden beach enthralls its guests with its crystal-clear blue sea and stunning surroundings, making it a must-visit for paragliding enthusiasts. Offering a plethora of water sports for those interested, this beach guarantees

fethiye belcekız

Kumburnu Beach - Fethiye

Fethiye boasts another wonder: Kumburnu Beach, a true gem hidden within Oludeniz Nature Park. This stunning beach is surrounded by unique natural scenery, where the mountains embrace the sea. It stretches for about 2 kilometers and beckons with its tranquil atmosphere and the turquoise waters of nature. If you're looking to bask in the serene beauty of the sea amid nature, be sure to include Kumburnu Beach in your summer vacation plans.

Aquarium Beach - Karaburun

On the Karaburun Peninsula, Türkiye's largest, you'll find unspoiled natural beauty. Aquarium Beach, a part of this stunning peninsula, gets its name from its crystal-clear waters and abundant underwater life, earning it the prestigious Blue Flag designation. Located in the Incirlikoy area, this beach is open to the public, welcoming everyone.


Bogsak Bay - Mersin

Now, let's teleport to the Mediterranean region, specifically to Boğsak Bay, which is about 120 kilometers away from the center of Mersin. With its crystal-clear waters, fine sand, and a beach adorned with small pebbles, it's a true treasure deserving of the Blue Flag. Families often choose this beach thanks to its calm, shallow waters, which are free from waves.

Cleopatra Beach - Antalya

Nestled in the Mediterranean, Cleopatra Beach is a true paradise with a long history and timeless beauty. This beach enjoys global renown thanks to its rich history and natural elegance. Named after Cleopatra, the last Hellenistic Queen of Ancient Egypt, it has also inspired countless legends.

kleopatra beach

Akçagerme Plajı - Antalya

Akdeniz'in özgün çekiciliğini yansıtan tatil beldelerinden Kaş'ın incisi olarak parlayan plajlardan biri, Mavi Bayrak onurunu taşıyan Akçagerme'dir. Bu benzersiz kumsal, Kaş-Kalkan yolu üzerinde kendine yer bulurken, Akdeniz'in sakin ve berrak sularıyla büyüleyici bir deneyim sunuyor.

Kalkan Beach - Antalya

Kalkan Public Beach is an ideal spot for those seeking respite from the scorching Mediterranean summers. This beach, adorned with a Blue Flag award, is a fantastic choice for those yearning to dip into the refreshing Mediterranean waters.

Konyaalti Beach - Antalya

Konyaaltı Public Beach, a beloved spot in Antalya, is one of the city's largest beaches, boasting an uninterrupted 7-kilometer coastline, despite its proximity to the city center. It stretches along the cliffs and continues to Antalya Harbor, situated in the expansive area known as Sahil Antalya Life Park.


Kocakarı Beach - Çeşme

Now, back to Çeşme. If you're planning a peaceful and tranquil vacation here, Kocakarı Beach is your haven. Located in Dalyan, the northern gem of Çeşme, this beach has a devoted following.

Burunucu Beach - Izmir

Burunucu Beach in Yenifoça, nestled around a charming bay in the north of Foça, is another beloved spot for residents of Izmir. This beach, the go-to destination for those venturing north of Izmir, makes visitors feel like they've discovered a corner of paradise.

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