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30 July 2020
Examining the precautions taken at İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport against Covid-19.

As we enter the normalization process, airports started to resume their flights one by one. We wrote an article about the precautions in the airport for those wishing to travel to or from the Aegean pearl, İzmir.  Knowing these precautions before going to İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport will help you during your time there. 

1- Movement Map

Movements of the passengers and employees are tracked in the airport and a crowd map is prepared based on the movements. This map allows authorities to better control the crowded areas.

2- Entering the airport

There are floor signs to direct you about social distancing as you enter the airport. Passengers are not allowed in without a mask and your body temperature is measured via thermal cameras at the entrance. If your temperature is higher than desired, you will not be allowed in the airport.

3- Mask and Social distancing rules 

You are obliged to wear a mask while coming to the airport, while in the airport and during your flight. You will not be allowed in the airport if you don’t have a mask on. Abiding by social distancing rules is mandatory before and after entering the airport. There are many warning signs placed around the airport to remind you of and help you abide by these rules. 

4- Hygiene and Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfection in the airport are increased. Cleaning workers regularly and frequently clean all surfaces with high contact rates. Furthermore, there are hand sanitizers placed all around İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

5- Online operations

You can still check-in at the desks in Adnan Menderes Airport, but completing these operations online or on your mobile phone will be safer and quicker. 

6- Passenger greeting

Only passengers and employees are allowed in the airport to lower the headcount in the airport. For that reason, if you wish to greet or see off a passenger, you will need to wait in the parking lot or outside.

7- Eating & Drinking

All eating & drinking spaces are arranged according to social distancing rules. You are obliged to wear a mask before entering these venues. Eating & Drinking spaces, kitchens, and the storages are regularly cleaned and disinfected. We suggest using a contactless credit card for your payments. 

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