30 July 2020
Comfortable Sleeping at Istanbul Airport

One of the biggest problems in transit flights is to find a place to sleep or rest in between flights. Istanbul Airport scored a victory to solve this problem once and for all. İGA Sleepod service in the international terminal allows you to sleep securely in a personal space anytime you want. Sleepods have a place for your hand baggage and sockets to charge your electronic devices. You can have a comfortable and relaxing sleep because they are located in the quietest spot of the airport. 

Sleepods are used with single-use sheets during the Covid-19 period. They are also disinfected after each use and prepared for the next passenger in the required hygiene standards. 


İGA Sleepod Prices

İGA Sleepod

Price (VAT incl.)

Cabin Price (07:00-19:00)

€ 6

Cabin price (19:00-07:00)

€ 9

Additional services (blanket, pillow, pillowcase)

€ 2

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