9 October 2020
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Cycling is one of the activities that combines movement and travel and sets you free. Cycling can be a good start for us these days when we miss being physically active and traveling. Pedaling has many benefits, both mentally and physically. Let's examine the benefits of pedaling together.


Benefits of Cycling

1-It provides weight management.

Cycling regularly supports healthy weight management, boosts metabolism and helps lower body fat levels. We all know that it is very important to exercise as well as to eat healthy. Here, you can keep your weight under control because you have done your sports while cycling.

2-It is good for mental health.

Cycling relieves feelings of stress, depression or anxiety. Focusing on the road while cycling helps increase awareness of the present. When you're feeling low or anxious, cycling for a minimum of 10 minutes helps you feel better with energy, while lowering your stress level. Cycling is not just about physical activity. It is also very effective for your mental health.

3-It is a basic exercise.

Cycling works all our core muscles, including the back and abs. Strong back and abdominal muscles help support our spine. The way to protect your spine health is to ride a bike. Just as swimming works all the muscles in the body, cycling is good for our skeletal and muscular systems.

4-Improves balance, posture and coordination.

Balance, coordination and posture improve while trying to keep the bike upright. The balance of our bodies tends to decline with age and inactivity, so cycling is somewhat vital.

5-It is environment friendly.

Cycling is an environmentally friendly vehicle that provides easy transportation in crowded cities. It prevents problems such as air pollution, noise pollution, traffic. It helps you effectively reduce your carbon footprint.
The benefits of cycling are endless. So what should we pay attention to for a good ride?

Considerations for a Good Driving

1- Practice cycling.

If you haven't ridden your bike in years, the first step to take before venturing around the city is to practice in a quiet area before putting your bike on the road. Make sure you are comfortable with your bike on this test ride. While pedaling, maintain good shoulder control and avoid movements such as sudden braking.

2-Check your bike.

Checking your bike before you set off reduces possible risk factors. Regularly clean the chains, check the air pressure in your tires and make sure the brakes are working properly.

3-Be aware.

Be aware of pedestrians and vehicles around you. Pay attention to the turn signals of the vehicles in front of you when approaching pedestrians at crosswalks, intersections.

4- Follow the rules of the road.

Cycle in the direction of traffic and obey the traffic lights. Following traffic laws is the best way to keep yourself and others safe.

5-Don't forget to use a helmet.

No matter how good a driver you are, things may not go the way you want. There are many risk factors, especially in crowded city traffic. For this reason, it is vitally important to take the necessary precautions and minimize the possible risk factors.

After following these steps, all that remains is to feel the freedom of cycling. Do not forget that outdoor physical activities also feed our souls. By taking the precautions we have mentioned, you can enjoy traveling by bike, perhaps turning it into an exercise that you will not give up.

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