9 October 2020
How to be Happy and Healthy through Cycling? 

Riding a bicycle is one of the activities that join activity and journey and set you free. In these days that we miss being physically active and travelling, riding a bicycle could be a good start. Cycling has many benefits for the mind and body. Let us analyze the benefits cycling has for us. 


Benefits of Cycling
1-Helps weight control

Regular cycling promotes healthy weight control, speeds up the metabolism, and help lower body fat percentage.

2-Good for mental health

Riding a bicycle reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. Focusing on the road while cycling helps us increase our awareness of the moment. Riding a bicycle even for 10 minutes when you feel low or anxious will reduce your stress levels, and the accompanying energy will make you feel better.

3-Is a fundamental exercise

Cycling activates almost all major muscle groups including the back and abdominals. Strong back and abdominal muscles help support our spine.

4-Improves balance, posture, and coordination

Trying to hold a bike stable improves our balance, coordination, and posture. The balance of our bodies tend to decrease with age and immobility. Thus, cycling is almost a fundamental activity.

5-Is environment friendly

Riding a bicycle is an environment-friendly and easy commute in crowded cities. It averts problems like air pollution, noise pollution, and traffic. It helps you effectively lower your carbon footprint.

Cycling has many other benefits for the mind and body. But what should we be aware of for a good ride?

1-Practice cycling

If you haven’t ridden a bicycle for years, the first thing to do before riding around the city should be riding and practicing in a more local and quiet area. Use that practice ride to make sure your bike is comfortable. Monitor your shoulder control and braking reaction while cycling.

2-Check your bike

Checking your bike before heading out can limit any possible risk factors. Clear the chains regularly, check the pressure of your tires, and make sure the brakes work as required.

3-Be aware

Be aware of the pedestrians and cars around you. Look out for pedestrians on crosswalks and turning signals of the cars ahead of you at intersections.

4-Follow the rules of the road

Ride with the traffic and mind the traffic lights. Following the traffic rules is the shortest way to keep yourself and others safe.

5-Always use a helmet

No matter how good a rider you are, somethings may still go wrong. Traffics in crowded cities especially have high risk factors. It is crucial that you take the necessary precautions and limit any possible risk factors.

After applying these steps, all you need to do is feel the freedom of riding. Don’t forget that fresh air and physical activities feed your soul. You can enjoy riding a bike everywhere, and maybe even make it an irreplaceable activity, by taking these precautions.