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16 November 2020
The Capital of Electronic Music: Berlin

Jazz music marked the 1950’s and 60’s whereas rock and R&B marked the 1970’s and 80’s... Undoubtedly, electronic music was the one embraced in the 2000’s. Without a doubt, electronic music is a whole different genre. From digital instruments to computers, connectors to hardware and software... electronic music is produced on a rather wide range of methods. It also has numerous sub-genres. 

Even though many artists from all around the world including Japan, France, Egypt, and Jamaica contributed to the development of electronic music, more than 50 festivals organized in Germany take the country one step ahead in this genre. Electronic music capital of Germany is, without a doubt, Berlin. Berlin has been the home to leaders of this genre since the 1980’s and there are 25 electronic music festivals organized in Berlin annually. Don’t even get me started on the concerts in a different venue each weekend. We are talking about a country that has produced the leaders and transformers of electronic music such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.  

Some of these festivals are organized right in the middle of the city, in neighborhoods like Kreuzberg or Mitte while some are located near the lakes surrounding the city. In the middle of meadows or in old factories and churches... Whether you prefer a more experimental style of electronic music or techno or psychedelic versions, you will find whatever you are looking for in Berlin.

Berlin’s cosmopolite structure is what sets ground for this. Since the days the city was divided into two as East and West, Berlin has been the meeting ground for everyone, including the working class, protest movements, experimental musicians, and world-renown artists. David Bowie and Nick Cave were in Berlin in the 1980’s. Today, the giants of the electronic music industry are here. Chilean Ricardo Villalobos and Frankfurter Booka Shade are two of the most important names in the electronic music industry who now live in Berlin. You can listen to them on huge stages in festivals or on smaller stages in venues to get lost in the rhythm of their music. As the capital of electronic music, Berlin has become the most important center of attraction in Europe for musicians. Artists from all around the world come to the city to showcase their skills.