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29 August 2023

As the summer season draws to a close, we present to you the stunning beaches of Izmir, a Mediterranean metropolis inhabited by 5 million people. The vibrant beaches, distinct landscapes, and laid-back ambiance serve as a breath of fresh air for the locals of Izmir during the scorching days of August. Naturally, one of the most enjoyable ways to beat the heat and rejuvenate is to explore the beach spots along the sandy shores of the sea, where entry is free.

Spending time on beaches teeming with various activities while cooling off in the crystal-clear waters is genuinely delightful. Each beach boasts a unique atmosphere and charm, creating a paradise for crafting unforgettable moments. And let's not forget the chance to groove to rhythmic music on the beach, infusing vacationers with energy. These cost-free Izmir beaches showcase the full spectrum of colors bestowed by nature and offer experiences that cater to all preferences. Without further ado, let's delve into our content. Enjoy the read!

Ilıca Beach


It's like Miami. A stretch of golden hues extending for miles into the turquoise sea. This beach is practically perfect—deep enough for a good swim yet shallow enough for a refreshing dip. Ilıca Bay, home to the beach, is undoubtedly the shining star of Çeşme and even of Türkiye itself. The once-covered bay behind Ilıca Beach used to be dotted with Çeşme's most lavish hotels and villas until it yielded to Alaçatı. However, its grandeur remains unaltered. Ilıca Beach, proudly holding the title of Blue Beach, stands as the most frequented beach in Izmir. The American-like single-story villas encircling the beach were initially summer residences constructed for MPs during the Adnan Menderes era. The sight of this expansive beach stretching for hundreds of meters will genuinely transport you to Miami.

Çandarlı Beach


Venturing a bit further to the north, we arrive at Izmir's most endearing vacation village. It might not be as sprawling as Çeşme, but it doesn't appear to require expansion either, given its fans' affection for its current state. Welcome to Çandarlı. Nestled within Dikili district, this fishing village boasts a peninsula that extends perpendicularly into the bay that bears its name. The unique beach directly in front of the Genoese-built castle matches Ilıca Beach's length to the tee. Upon entering the beach, you'll notice a brief depth before it opens up to a sandy shallowness. This distinct feature contributes to Çandarlı Beach's allure. Adorned with one-of-a-kind seashells and stones, the sandy expanse of Çandarlı Beach invites leisurely strolls by the seaside. It's undoubtedly an exceptional coastal beauty that seamlessly blends the harmonious marriage of history and nature.

Delikli Koy


We've arrived at one of the trendiest and most beloved beaches of recent years. This beach is probably the most shared location on social media when it comes to Izmir. Delikli Koy is more than just a beach; it's a complete recreational haven. Situated far from the urban bustle, nestled by the open sea, it's a treasure trove of natural beauty. The standout feature undoubtedly lies in its unique natural caves. This spot isn't just for swimming; camping here at night immerses us in a dreamlike environment, surrounded by the serene and untouched essence of Izmir. So, where exactly is Delikli Koy? Contrary to common belief, this exceptional beach isn't in Alaçatı. It's actually located 6 and a half kilometers away from Alaçatı Marina. Given its secluded nature, public transportation isn't an option. Delikli Koy, found within the administrative boundaries of Ovacık Neighborhood, is also in close proximity to Cleopatra Beach—another well-known beach, although not as renowned as Delikli Koy itself.

Şakran Beach

We've landed in Aliağa. Sakran, easily accessible from the city center, is Izmir's hidden gem, boasting unspoiled nature and pristine waters. You can reach here by hopping off at Aliağa, the last stop of İZBAN, Izmir's primary transportation backbone, and catching an ESHOT bus from the station. This public beach doesn't come with an entrance fee. The water is shallow and sandy, often breezy. While the initial stretch of the sea has a few stones, Sakran stands as a prime recreational spot in Aliağa—a place to have a family vacation. The captivating sunset spectacle transforms the sky's hues into a captivating dance on the water. With its tranquil ambiance and soothing vibe, Sakran Beach infuses Izmir with a sense of renewal.

Altınkum Beach


We've been whisked away to the stunning Çeşme once more, specifically Altınkum Beach in the westernmost part of Çeşme. Among Çeşme's stunning beaches, Altınkum is likely named after its golden sands, and its fame is well-deserved. The turquoise shoreline extending toward the sea evokes imagery of an oceanfront paradise. Moreover, the beach's open-sea view brings about a profound sense of calmness. Its expansive sandy expanse offers visitors a sense of liberation. Taking an evening stroll by the sea enhances the romantic and enchanting aura of Altınkum Beach. While a free public beach is available, other beach establishments also dot this stretch. Minibuses departing from the front of Çeşme Marina provide access to this coastal haven.

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