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26 January 2023

Everyone’s dream is to have a nice and quiet retirement after a busy working life and to spend a nice retirement period. Sentences that begin with “Oh, if I were to retire …” always end well. People always think about where and how I should spend my retirement. It is everyone’s dream to spend their retirement life in good shape and in the desired way after working life. Let’s take a look at ten cities to live in when you retire.

1. Sığacık, Seferihisar / İzmir

For the ancient city of Teos, Kaleiçi, Akkum, and many more places, words are not enough to describe Sığacık. A boutique atmosphere, stalls in the Sığacık market that opens on Sundays, meals by the beach, and walks in the fresh air are not enough to enjoy Sığacık at all. Especially when the summer season comes, do not touch the pleasure of the people of Sığacık. Boat tours in the summer are never complete without tasting the exquisite coves such as Ekmeksiz Beach, Akarca Beach, Altınköy Beach, and Girlen Beach. Sığacık, which has the title of “Calm City,” is one of the favorites.

2. Abant / Bolu

When you retire, how about settling down and experiencing the beauties of Lake Abant with its magnificent nature? Abant, which has established a throne in the hearts with its lush nature and immaculate atmosphere, is a magnificent spot to relax. It is best to live in Abant to the fullest without neglecting locations such as Abant Nature Park, Samandere Waterfall, and Otter Habitat. Grilled quail, Mengen lamb stew, and Kartalkaya Kebab are among the flavors that should not be forgotten.

3. Akyaka, Ula / Muğla

Akyaka is one of the pearls of Muğla. The Azmak River, with its ice-cold flowing water, and Akyaka Beach, with its clean sea, is considered one of Turkiye’s favorite holiday resorts. It is also a pleasure to watch the sunset and sunrise in Akyaka, where happiness is almost guaranteed when you retire. A boat tour on the Azmak River accompanied by exquisite views and kitesurfing in the sea will remain unforgettable memories.

4. Foça / İzmir

Known as one of the most beautiful corners of İzmir, Foça is one of the rare locations that can be settled after retirement. Kozbeyli Village, Old Foça, and New Foça are the most beautiful places to visit and eat fish. Foça, a fishing town, is a mind-blowing town with its sea and beaches that can stay after retirement.

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5. Güzelçamlı, Kuşadası / Aydın

Kuşadası is a town that has long taken the appearance of a normal city instead of a summer residence. But Dilek Peninsula Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is located right at the end of Güzelçamlı. With its calm and local structure, Güzelçamlı, which is among the places to live when retiring, is considered one of the few oxygen tanks in the world with its clean air and succeeding to be the center of attention of tourists both in summer and winter.

6. Ayvalık / Balıkesir

Ayvalık is a legend with its cobblestone roads and streets smelling of flowers. In general, Ayvalık is a very popular location, especially when Cunda Island is mentioned, minds stop, and time stops. Although it is not necessary to wait until retirement to enjoy Ayvalık and eat fish at the seaside, on the moss-smelling beaches, it is certain that it will be different and permanent when you retire. It is always possible to remember Ayvalık with its daily jewelry, souvenirs, delicious olive oil, and magnets.

7. Karaburun / İzmir

Every corner of İzmir has a different beauty, especially the coastal towns; every corner, each with a different beauty, is a time that makes it fun to enjoy life and adds to the pleasure. When it comes to Karaburun, each bay and village is a location that enchants its guests with its epic splendor and unique atmosphere. With kilometers of walks, deep blue seas, and fish products, Karaburun is a spot worth exploring.

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8. Göcek / Muğla

Every corner of Muğla is like a different movie and a different story. As you go south, each bay, each point, is a separate but equally beautiful spot worth exploring. Discover more and more, and go as you explore. Retire and live in Göcek; this must be what it feels like to feel heaven. Göcek is a legendary spot with a different story for each bay and each village.

9. Datça/Muğla

As hard as it is to find the place where the stars are closest to the earth at night, and the oxygen level is this high, it is actually easier to live this life in Datça. With its forests, beaches, boutique environments, and atmosphere, Datça is one of the rare places to live when you retire. Especially when you retire, Datça is one of the rare places where you can spend time comfortably both in terms of accommodation and during the day. Whether you want to eat fish, take time for yourself, or have red or turquoise stones, go to the bays of Datça and wander aimlessly. Here retirement life, calmness, and peace will be waiting for you.

10. Çökertme / Milas / Muğla

Çökertme is a mysterious region, and it is connected to Milas in Bodrum. What a legendary region it is; in fact, it is like a Çökertme movie, in the heart of calm beaches, surrounded by lush trees. There is the legendary Çökertme Kebab, which you will never forget; both meatballs and potatoes will finish you off. It is one of the places to go and even definitely stay when you retire.

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