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3 November 2023

Commencing in 2021, the 2023 lineup of the Türkiye  Cultural Trail Festivals, one of the most expansive and inclusive festivals globally, has been unveiled. Showcasing the cultural richness of Türkiye , the festival garners significant interest from both local and international attendees. This all-encompassing festival endeavors to convey the essence of Türkiye 's heritage through various facets including architecture, history, art, and culture. Events are orchestrated across numerous cities, with the festival gaining momentum since its inception in 2021, steadily expanding its reach to more cities each year. With a total of 11 provinces on the itinerary, each festival promises a plethora of enriching experiences for its visitors. Take a look at the 2023 Türkiye Cultural Trail Festivals event calendar below.

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Cultural Trail Festival Dates

The festival, progressively adding 5 more cities each year since its inauguration in 2021, follows the schedule as follows:

Orange Blossom Carnival (Adana: April 25-30)

Ephesus Cultural Trail Festival (Izmir: April 28-May 7)

Cappadocia Balloon Festival (Nevsehir: August 4-12)

Trabzon Cultural Trail Festival (August 12-20)

Erzurum Cultural Trail Festival (August 25-September 3)

Gaziantep Cultural Trail Festival (September 15-24)

Beyoğlu Cultural Trail Festival (Istanbul: September 29-October 15)

Capital City Cultural Trail Festival (Ankara: September 29-October 15)

Troy Cultural Trail Festival (Çanakkale: September 8-17)

Mystic Music Festival (Konya: September 23-October 1)

Sur Cultural Trail Festival (Diyarbakır: October 13-22)


Cultural Trail Festival Highlights

The Turkish Cultural Trail Festivals, spread across various regions of Türkiye , offer a vibrant blend of entertainment and education. The festival features exhibitions of works by both amateur and professional photographers, with the jury awarding cash prizes to the best submissions. Concerts, including performances by the State Symphony Orchestras, incorporate local tunes and Atatürk's favorite compositions. Furthermore, the festival showcases beloved regional icons such as Aşık Veysel and Neşet Ertaş, representing the region's cultural legacy.

One of the festival's main attractions, the 'Construction of a Dream' exhibition, presents AI-generated photographs of Atatürk. The Cappadocia Balloon Festival treats photography enthusiasts to a mesmerizing display of colorful balloons floating against picturesque backdrops. At the Avanos Living Heritage Museum, the 'Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition' offers insights into Türkiye 's cultural legacy. The 'Turkish Coffee Exhibition' captures the evolution of coffee culture, from the past to the present, capturing the interest of a diverse audience.

The festival also plays host to renowned personalities, conducting workshops in various fields like drama, creative writing, and history to cater to the interests of enthusiasts. Theatre performances, tailored for both adults and children, promise engaging experiences. In addition, a range of interactive games such as ring toss, sack races, and tug of war, provide the younger attendees with an enjoyable time. Children can also delight in the appearances of beloved characters like the Smurfs and King Shakir during the theatre performances.

Similar engaging exhibitions, theatre shows, cinema screenings, and workshops are available at the Istanbul Cultural Trail Festival. Visitors can explore the history of Istanbul through captivating exhibits of iconic landmarks such as the Galata Tower, Mimar Sinan Mosque, and Maiden's Tower, alongside vintage photographs of old Istanbul. The Digital Art section captivates the inquisitive minds with digitally created images and illustrations. Additionally, workshops, theatre, and cinema sessions tailored for children are sure to captivate the younger audience. Since each province's calendar is unique, visitors are encouraged to thoroughly peruse the festival calendar to ensure they don't miss out on any of the excitement. Tracking dates, locations, and entry fees is made simple through the comprehensive festival calendar.

Cultural Trail Festival in Autumn

It's never too late to immerse yourself in the Türkiye Cultural Trail Festivals, an annual celebration that awaits guests during the enchanting autumn months. Check out the festival lineup below.

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Ephesus Cultural Trail Festival (October 28 - November 5)

The festival, happening in and around Izmir, offers a diverse program ranging from theater to sculpture, painting, ballet, and discussions. Some of the highlights include İmbat Türküsü (Ali Poyrazoğlu Theater), Uzak Yakın (Art Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures), Atatürk's Favorite Songs (Concert), Türkân Şoray-Ediz Hun Interview, Kamelyalı Kadın Ballet, and Dance Performance. While some events are free, others require a ticket. Each event has its own price, so be sure to check the details in the event calendar.


Antalya Cultural Road Festival (November 4 - 12)

Antalya has been drawing attention with its selection of Culture Road Festivals since 2021, hosting a different festival every year. The festival offers a variety of options suitable for both adults and children. There are activities catering to all ages and preferences, such as the children's play Peter Pan by Sivas State Theater, the Republic Concert held free of charge in Cumhuriyet Square, and the Sketch to Pixel Digital Art exhibition at Antalya Kültür Sanat.


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