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30 July 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 October 2023

It is possible to find traces of different civilizations in and around Anatolia, one of the most important geographies of the ancient world. Especially the historical cities that reflect the Ancient Greek civilization open the doors of a different world to us. It is possible to see such structures and many ruins in our country. Fortunately, we have regions and lands that illuminate the dusty pages of history one by one. With the support of our experts and universities, many relics waiting to be found are slowly coming to light. What about the structures that have already been found and preserved? We answer this question for history and geography lovers. We have compiled the five most striking ruins among the ancient cities in Anatolia for you.


Ephesus, which is located within the borders of Selçuk district of İzmir, greets the Hellenistic and Roman periods with its history dating back to 6 thousand BC, and proudly imposes its magnificence on us.
Ephesus, the capital and largest port city of Asia, was founded by female warriors known as the Amazon. The city, where you will feel the mystical atmosphere of the Roman Empire and Greek civilization, consists of many different areas. The Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world, the Celsus Library, the Commercial Marketplace (Tetraganos Agora), the Octagon with its mysterious and unproven stories, and the Temple of Hadrian are just a few of the structures in this city. If you happen to be in Izmir one day, don't forget to go to the Ancient City of Ephesus.



Located within the borders of Belkıs Village in Gaziantep's Nizip district, the city founded by Selevkos I Nikator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, is one of the most visited areas in recent years. The most important work of the city known for its mosaics, the Gypsy Girl mosaic, is exhibited in the modern museum built in Gaziantep. Zeugma, which was built around 300 BC and stretches out on seven hills, will make you think that even the stones of the greatest work of art of its period speak. While this city, which has been excavated for a long time, unearths a new part every day, it also seems determined to hide itself with its unknown and eagerly awaited underground parts.


Aphrodisias, discovered by world-famous photographer Ara Güler as a result of his disappearance on a photography trip, is located in Aydın Karacasu. To reach Aphrodisias, which is 7,000 years old, you first need to go to Aydın and then take a taxi to Gerde Village. It is not a waste of time to go to the city, which is located within the provincial borders. The city, which spreads over a large area, is considered to be the largest sculpture production place in the ancient world. There are countless sculptures from the hands of Hellenistic artists in Afradisias.


If you are one of those who want to enjoy both the sea and the history, we recommend you to travel to Antalya. Located in the Serik district of Antalya, the theater has survived with all its structures since the Roman period. Carrying the traces of the Seljuks, the theater with a capacity of 20 thousand people also served as a caravanserai in the past. The building, which was built next to the Köprüçay River, creates surprise with its acoustics. If you are in Antalya, do not forget to see Aspendos.


If you have been to Aspendos, it would not be possible to return without seeing Phaselis. The ancient city, which comes to life among the greenery, is only 35 km from the center. away. Located within the borders of Tekirova Village, Phaselis consists of streets and sidewalks. Another difference of Phaselis is that it is located right next to the sea… The city, which is becoming more famous day by day; It is also determined to be an indispensable place for those who want to breathe the sea, green and history together. If you want to see this magnificent beauty, you can turn your route to Serik district of Antalya.

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