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30 July 2020
Are you Ready to Explore History?

As one of the most prominent lands of the ancient world, every corner of Anatolia is the home of another ancient civilization. Especially the historical towns left behind by the Ancient Greek civilizations are the gateways to a whole other world for us. We listed the five most remarkable ones among numerous ancient towns on Anatolian lands.                                    


Located within the borders of İzmir’s Selçuk district, Ephesus greets Hellenistic and Roman times with a history going back to 6000 BC and proudly establishes its glory.

The capital and the largest seaport of Asia, Ephesus was established by female warriors known as the Amazons. Carrying the mystical breeze of the Roman Empire and the Greek civilizations, the town is set on several different areas. The Temple of Artemis (or Artemision) as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Celsus Library, the commercial marketplace (Tetragonos Agora), Octagon with its mysterious and improvable stories, and the Temple of Hadrian are only a few of the magnificent structures in the area.


Located within the borders of Belkıs Village, Nizip district of Gaziantep, the city that was founded by Seleucus I Nicator (one of the generals under Alexander the Great’s command) is a highly visited location. The town is famous for its mosaics; the most prominent mosaic, the Gypsy Girl is currently exhibited in a modern museum in Gaziantep. Built around 300 BC and spreading out on the seven hills, Zeugma will make you believe that the stones used in the greatest artworks of that time can actually speak to you. As the excavations continue and new pieces are found each day, the town still seems to be determined to keep its secrets hidden underground. 


Discovered by the world-famous photographer Ara Güler when he was lost during a photography trip, Aphrodisias is in Karacasu, Aydın. In order to visit the 7000-year-old Aphrodisias, you first need to travel to the city of Aydın and take a taxi to Gerde village. Commuting to the ancient town located within the city borders does not take a lot of time. The ancient town spread on a large area is accepted to be the ancient world’s largest sculpture production place. Aphrodisias is home to numerous sculptures made by artists of the time back during the Hellenistic period.  


If you wish to enjoy the sea and history simultaneously, we suggest you drive towards Antalya. The theater in Serik, Antalya preserves its existence with all its structures since the Roman times. The 20 thousand-person capacity theater carrying the marks of Seljukian renovations was also used as a caravansary for a while in the past. The acoustics of the structure right beside Köprüçay river is sensational. 


If we ever pass by Aspendos, seeing Phaselis is a must. The ancient town coming to life among the trees is only 35 km. from city center. Located within the borders of Tekirova village, Phaselis is built of streets and sidewalks. Phaselis is famous for being an ancient town on the seaside... Getting popular as each day goes by, the town is rather determined to become the ultimate destination of every traveler wishing to experience sea, nature, and history at the same time.