30 July 2020
3D Printers from Science Fiction to Reality

3D printers are one of the items that affect all aspects of our lives. They are also clear indications of what technology has become. We are talking about all scientific areas of our lives from medicine to architecture, technology, and many more. This is what we actually talk about, when we talk about the Industry 4.0: the transformation of all aspects of our lives. Welcome to the reality of science fiction.

Producing food on a printer

Protein is the most important ingredient to help sustain our lives. Thus, protein-based food products are usually more expensive than carbohydrate- or fat-based products. Red meat is the most important of these food products. The idea behind 3D printers is that you can produce anything and everything if you have the right materials. In this case, these materials are plant or animal cells and plant-based proteins created in laboratories. In the upcoming years, we will start seeing these products in many restaurants. The most important thing is that they are environmentally friendly. They are also healthier because they do not contain the harmful ingredients in organic food products. Authenticity and whether these are actually “foods” depends on from which point of view you are looking at the subject.

Medicine of the future

History of using prosthetics instead of damaged body parts goes back thousands of years. It is thought that the oldest known prosthetics in history were used in Egypt in the 3rd millennium BC. This means they go way back before both the BC and AD timeline. Prosthetic legs are among the first examples. But the methods for making them, which were the same for thousands of years, made great progress during the 20th Century and now, the industry is unthinkably large both economically and medically. These devices can be produced in less than a day thanks to 3D printers and can be delivered to millions of people around the world. What is more exciting than this is the live organism studies based on live cells created in laboratories. We will hear a lot more on this subject in the future.

Colonization on Mars

Most sumptuous subjects when it comes to technologic development are of course space studies and colonization on Mars. The scientific world is really excited about Mars, especially all the glory SpaceX has received. 3D printers gladly assist them in these studies. The revolutionary matter here is not about manufacturing fuel tanks that can endure space travels. We are talking about going back to basics of computers. The final question John Von Neumann and Alan Turing, the two masterminds behind the computers, had in mind before they died was how calculating can be transformed into a physical being.  It means designing a machine that can calculate its own production. This is what the companies working on 3D printers are currently studying. A 3D printer that can create another 3D printer. A machine that can produce anything once it is sent to Mars. Exciting, is it? Definitely.