1 July 2022

Freedom and endless train journeys are perhaps ideal to start explaining Interrail, but is it enough? Definitely not enough. This is much more than a train journey, Interrail means crossing borders, a solid step on the road to freedom. Where will the next stop of the adventure that started in Europe? Excitement, adventure goes towards unique and adrenaline-filled adventures on Interrail in an unlimited way. Even one train ticket opens up new destinations, cultures and friendships throughout Europe. You can choose whichever European adventure is closest to you and start your journey from nearly 40,000 destinations from approximately 33 countries. The way to travel Europe with less travel stress is through Interrail. Let's take a look at the details.

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What is Interrail?

With Interrail tickets, which will make it easier for you to travel almost all over Europe, you can have free travel in 33 countries with 40 train and ferry companies. Let's say it is open to all ages. In short, it is a pass type ticket that allows unlimited travel between European countries on certain days for a certain fee. But this does not mean that there is no need to obtain a Schengen visa. Turkish citizens are required to apply for a visa, except for special cases, since our country is not a member of the EU.

What are the Advantages of Traveling with Interrail?

As a matter of fact, there are many advantages to traveling with an Interrail ticket. First and foremost, it's environmentally conscious, a comfortable way to travel around Europe, and the best way to meet incredible sights. Also, let's say you bought a ticket now, you can find the opportunity to travel until 11 months after you buy it.

Road to Freedom

No other travel ticket can provide passengers with transportation to more than 40,000 destinations while operating in the same way in every country. Get ready for unlimited travel experience, whether planned or unplanned. Interrail is another name for the road to freedom.

Another Name for Flexibility

You certainly won't find such a flexible travel option. You ask why? Because with the same ticket, you have the chance to take the train of your choice wherever and whenever Interrail is valid. Thus, you can stay longer in the place you like and skip the places you don't like. The choice is entirely up to you.


A train ticket may seem expensive, but when you consider an extensive trip to make spontaneous decisions, you realize it's more than worth it. Interrail tickets certainly provide the best value for money. In other words, when looking at the price benefit relationship, Interrail deserves the money it receives.

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Meeting New People

Trains not only take you to the heart of the cities, but also offer the opportunity to meet locals and other travelers living in the area. Making new friendships and new friendships is much easier on these journeys.


Trains always offer their passengers more living space and more room to move. Sit and play cards, watch a movie or simply enjoy the unique landscapes. Just enjoy your space throughout the journey.

Europe's Cheapest Countries

Warsaw, Poland; Krakow, Poland; Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic; Bratislava, Slovakia, Budapest, Hungary; Zagreb, Croatia; Belgrade, Serbia; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Sofia, Bulgaria; Bucharest, Romania is one of the cheapest countries to go with these Interrail tours.

Tips for Budget Travel in Europe

As we said, the most budget-friendly way to travel Europe to the fullest is to use the Interrail Train Pass. You can get on most trains in Europe with a single ticket. Although accommodation, food and entertainment budgets vary by country, it is possible to travel with a low budget. For example, it would be more logical to visit the charming Croatian beaches, which are more economical than visiting the famous French shores of the Mediterranean, which is popular and high in price. In addition, when you go abroad, do not choose the peak seasons of the region you are going to, but rather prefer quieter and less crowded times, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses and excessive money. During your Interrail trip, plan how you can best spend your money and what you can gain from it, so that you can spend your time on more fun activities and have a better time.


Methods of Being Economic with Interrail

Try to choose night trains for your journey. While traveling on night trains requires more money, this amount will be more economical than staying in a hotel or hostel. You can also save time by traveling at night. In addition, if you stay, you can choose more economical hostels instead of hotels, where you will have the opportunity to meet more travelers. Hostels, where internet is generally included in the price, also organize affordable sightseeing tours. If you prefer a hotel, it may be more expensive to spend the night in a hotel, but you will definitely have your own privacy in hotels. This choice is entirely up to you. In addition, it remains very popular and affordable in terms of accommodation in campsites and experiencing Europe. Plus, it will stay with you as a plus when you wake up to the most magnificent views of Europe. In countries such as Norway, Finland, and Sweden, camping is a preferable option, as camping is allowed under certain rules outside the campsite. However, considering that these areas are far from the train stations, it should not be forgotten that you may have to carry camping equipment.

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Special Notes About Interrail

Although our country is not a member of the European Union, it is among the countries included in the Interrail ticket network. This means that the tickets bought by Turkish citizens are covered by Interrail. Interrail tickets can be purchased from all TCDD stations selling international tickets, Viking Turizm, Gençtur, Cosmopolitan in Istanbul, Uygar Tours in Ankara and Ayanis Turizm travel agencies in Van.

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