24 September 2020
7 Popular Dishes to Try in Dubai

Dubai is an attention-grabbing city in many ways, including the skyscrapers, luxurious venues, and dishes. Whether you are there for professional reasons or for leisure, you won’t be having a complete Dubai experience before trying at least two of the dishes we list below. 

1-Whole Stuffed Camel

Although the name is a little creepy, this dish is the most luxurious and ostentatious food in Dubai. So much so that the Guinness Book of World Records has listed the dish as the "largest item on any menu in the world”.  The camel is stuffed with chicken, eggs, fish, mutton, and various spices and cooked on fire outdoors. Even though it is still a traditional recipe in Dubai or in the UAE, it is only cooked on special occasions, special events, or for festivals because it is “too” ostentatious and takes too long to prepare. If you want to taste this dish, we suggest aligning your trip with a special occasion for the Indians.




Shawarma is the Middle Eastern sandwich made with seasoned meat fried on low heat. Chicken or mutton are mostly used. It is served with Arabic “gözleme”, vegetables, French fries, pickles, garlic sauce, or other garnitures. The fame of this sandwich has travelled across the borders of the UAE. You can find it in many cities including New York, Delhi, or Moscow. However, having it in Dubai will be a unique experience. It even might be one of the best dishes you will ever eat in Dubai. 

3-Al Harees

Even though the ingredients in Al Harees are simple, cooking it is far from it. Wheat and meat are put in a pan and cooked until you obtain a uniform structure. The mixture is cooked on low heat in the oven for another couple of hours until it is ready for serving. 


As the name suggests, it is a type of pudding (“muhallebi” in Turkish). Sweetened with rose water and peanuts, this dessert is known to be the “oasis on a desert”. If you are looking for a light dessert after a meal, this one is for you. 


Also known as Khuzi or Ouzi, this dish consists fully of fried mutton or lamb meat. Meat pieces are usually spitted and served with vegetables or nut rice. It is a popular dish in Dubai because it is a complete meal on its own. It is also the national dish of the UAE. You will have to revisit Dubai if you haven’t tasted Ghuzi on your first trip. 


Matchbous is a dish made by cooking lamb, rice, and tomatoes in a stewpan. What makes it special is the seasoning. They use a special seasoning “loomi” made by dried lime and salty water. In addition to loomi, they also use many other spices like cloves, cardamom, and turmeric. Because it is the traditional dish in Dubai, you must try it. 

7-Esh Hasarya 

A dessert known as the “Bread of the Harem”. It seems like a cheesecake topped with sugared creme. Without a doubt, it is the most popular dessert in Dubai.