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7 September 2020
Güncelleme Tarihi: 17 July 2022

Imagine a building that lifts your head and feels like it's never finished, as if it's touching the clouds. That building is the Burj Khalifa itself! Burj Khalifa, the symbol of Dubai, has held the title of being the world's tallest building, or skyscraper, since its construction was completed in 2010. This skyscraper, formerly called Burj Dubai, took its current name from Caliph bin Zayed al-Nehyan. The length of the building, on the other hand, is astonishing both those who see it and those who hear it. The building is exactly 828 meters high and has 160 usable floors, the last 10 floors of the building are made of steel and the corners are not sharp, but circular.

Not surprisingly, this visually striking structure has also been used in movies. Burj Khalifa hosted several scenes in the fourth movie of the Mission Impossible series and some scenes in the movie Diamond Necklace. If you want to go to Burj Khalifa, which has broken many records with its height and architecture, and have a bird's eye view of Dubai, first take a look at this article.

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Ticket to Climb to the Sky

If you want to go to Burj Khalifa and watch the view, of course, you need to buy a ticket first. You can buy the ticket both online and at ticket places at Dubai Mall. If you are going to buy the tickets from Dubai Mall, you should be prepared for a long queue, the possibility of running out of tickets, and the fact that tickets are more expensive than online sales. Our advice to you is to buy your tickets online. Because you will not have to wait in line and you will have the opportunity to buy at a more affordable price. Ticket prices vary according to the floor you want to go to and the day you go. You can check ticket prices on their official website.

How High Do We Go?

Let's say you bought tickets for your Burj Khalifa experience online or through the skyscraper's stores, so which ticket did you choose? There are 2 options offered to you for the viewing terrace. The first ticket is the 'At the Top' ticket. With this ticket, you can visit the 124th and 125th floors. These floors may not be located at the top of the skyscraper, but there are both indoor and outdoor areas for you to enjoy the view. The second ticket you can choose is 'At the Top SKY'. The SKY ticket opens the door to the 148th floor for you. While enjoying the pleasure of climbing much higher with this ticket, you can also enjoy the view with extra treats such as Arabic coffee on the 148th floor. At the same time, if you bought a SKY ticket, you have the chance to visit the 125th floor later.

125th Floor with a Unique View

Tickets were bought, queues were waited, and we got on the world's fastest elevator to the 125th floor. So what awaits you? As you exit the elevator, you are greeted by a floor-to-ceiling glass space and, of course, a unique view. After enjoying the view on the 125th floor and taking lots of photos, you can also go down to the 124th floor and have a look at the outside viewing area.

Slightly Below the Top 148th Floor

You came to the 125th floor with the elevator, but you want to go higher, then they take another elevator and take you to the 148th floor. The 148th floor may not have as wide an area as the 125th floor, but we can say that it is much more comfortable with its seats and the treats offered to you. You have the right to be in this area for only 45 minutes, but don't worry, if you can't enjoy the view, you can go to the 125th floor and take as many photos as you want and watch the view.

We wish you a trip with lots of scenery and lots of photos!

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