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11 December 2021
Güncelleme Tarihi: 12 August 2022

Those exciting days came when the whole city turned into a giant fairground, the streets, streets and shop windows were decorated with lights, and the New Year's enthusiasm began to spread in waves. So, are your preparations complete?

One of the most enjoyable things to do before New Year's in the whole world is to visit the Christmas market. These markets, also known as "Advent" in many European cities, open on Sunday and continue until Christmas Eve. Very different from a shopping market, an atmosphere full of fun, activity and a sparkling New Year spirit awaits its participants. While the children have fun on the carousels, the adults taste delicious snacks and rush to choose New Year's gifts for each other on the colorfully decorated stalls.

Now it's time to give the good news to those who may have missed it or haven't heard of it last year. Christmas Market, one of the indispensable traditions of Europeans, has been taking place in Izmir and Istanbul for the last two years with its original concept.

Here are the Christmas Market Izmir and Istanbul events, where world flavors meet traditional flavors, where you can experience the spirit of the New Year to the fullest, accompanied by the scents of cinnamon and ginger:

Christmas Market Izmir (Izmir Arena)

The Christmas Market events, which started on December 8 at Izmir Arena, will continue until Sunday, December 12. While doing your New Year's shopping in this established market, you can double your fun in decorated tree houses and carousels; You can attend DIY workshops and showcase your skills at the established ice rink.

You can buy your ticket from Passo to attend the event where names such as Sertab Erener, Yalın, Edis, Can Bonomo, Ayhan Sicimoğlu, İlhan Erşahin will take the stage, and you can experience the joy of Christmas to the fullest with the surprises waiting for you. Do not miss the hours of this event where shopping and entertainment are gathered together. You can participate between 16:00-23:00 on weekdays. If you're going to attend over the weekend, let me tell you: The event is divided into two sessions. The first session will be held between 12:00 / 17:00 and the second session between 18:00 / 23:00.

Christmas Market Istanbul (Galataport Istanbul)

Christmas Market Istanbul, which will premiere on December 17 at Galataport Istanbul, will continue until Sunday, December 26. The giant tent to be set up on the Dock of the Package Post Office is getting ready to make Istanbul residents experience the spirit of the New Year on the Bosphorus.
Just like in İzmir, the colorful carousel and ice skating rink, which will be very pleasing to children, will also take their place at the Christmas Market in Galataport. Eating and drinking areas where you can find a variety of foods, bright photo shoot places that will cheer up your Instagram, and workshops where you can show your skills and have a lot of fun at the same time are waiting for you in this market.

Moreover, you are not alone while experiencing the enthusiasm of the New Year. Popular giants of music such as Yalın, Sertab Erener, Edis, Can Bonomo, Cem Adrian, We Talk to You, and Büyük Ev Ablukada will also take their places on the stage at Galataport. This event, which appeals to both families and young people, will relax us all as we prepare to enter the new year. Since Istanbul is the first address for such activities, it will be a good opportunity for tourists coming here. If you want to participate, you can buy your tickets from the official website of Passo. Before attending the event, it is beneficial to leave the house on time, taking into account the traffic in Istanbul. Otherwise, your day that you planned to have a good day may get a little messy. You can attend the premiere, which will take place on December 17, between 19:00 and 23:00. Event details:

16:00 / 23:00

1st Session: 12.00 / 17:00
2. Session: 18:00 / 23:00

If you like to have fun and shopping, we strongly recommend that you attend one of these two events. Have fun already…


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