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1 July 2022

When Dubai is the master of desert life, desert safari or luxury hotels are the first things that come to mind. Desert safari activity in the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates is a very popular organization. It will be an unforgettable experience to go on a desert safari with 4 x 4 jeeps, enjoying the magnificent view on the yellow and red sands. Let's take a look at the desert safari tours held at different times together.

Dubai Morning Desert Safari Tour

How about enjoying a morning safari in the yellow deserts as far as the eye can see? Dubai morning safari tours, which can be considered suitable for visitors who do not have much time and make other programs in the evening, are perfect for adventure lovers. In the safari desert tours that you can experience with experienced drivers, you can also add exciting activities such as ATV or buggy sand car tours, camel tours and sand skiing. If you've ever skated like a snowboard, you can be sure to ski the slopes and slopes of the dunes with great excitement. We can say that these ski equipments are also provided by the tour companies. If skiing on the sand or off-road is not enough for you, the sand buggy is for you. With these vehicles specially designed for driving on the sand, you can get rid of the dust of the sand dunes with the help of master drivers using the buggy vehicle, accompanied by drifts and jumps. By the way, never underestimate the camel rides. On high camels, share the breathtaking desert scenery with the owners of this place and enjoy Dubai Morning Desert Safari Tours. In addition, watching an orange sunrise that you have not witnessed in the world over the untouched yellow sand dunes and immortalizing it with a photograph is an invaluable beauty.

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Dubai Evening Desert Safari Tour

It is impossible to come to the United Arab Emirates without tasting the pleasure of desert safari. The first stop is made in the yellow desert to take pictures at a magnificent and eye-catching sunset, and after the sunset, which is watched with great pleasure, actions such as camel ride and sand skiing are continued. Regardless of the action, the taste of desert safari in the evening is quite different and enjoyable. Among the alternatives offered by these tours, there is even the optional service of getting Arabic henna on your hands or feet. Apart from Ramadan, different options such as belly dancer shows, fire shows, traditional clothing and hookah service are also prepared to make the guests happy during the desert safari. In addition to these, the Tanura dance performed by the Sufi dervishes accompanied by long, colorful dresses and belonging to the Egyptians is one of the activities that add a different beauty to the evening and add life to these tours. When it's time for dinner at the campsite, be prepared for delicious flavors at the barbecue. After a wonderful meal, you can continue to enjoy the desert with a traditional Arabic coffee called Gahwa. The hours of the Evening Desert Safari are from 15 - 16 to 21 - 22.

Dubai Night Desert Safari Tour with Accommodation

Night desert safari with tent accommodation usually starts around 16 pm and covers a period until the next morning, including overnight accommodation. Do not forget to celebrate the beauty of the desert nightfall and morning sunrise with your camera on this tour where you can stay in comfortable beds. In order not to disturb the desolation of the night, the phones are on silent, the attention is on the beauty of the desert. Apart from the activities in the other two tour alternatives, it should be noted that breakfast is also available in this option.

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Dubai Desert Safari Tours Places

Located mostly on the outskirts of the city, Dubai's golden sands promise a unique adventure to foreign tourists. Let's take a look at some of the locations where you can have these experiences. Here are the most preferred places for desert safari in Dubai. Spread over an area of ​​approximately 225 kilometers, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) is one of the popular destinations for desert safaris. With 120 bird species, 50 plant species, 43 mammal and reptile species, this location is known as Dubai's natural and cultural heritage. Al Badayer region is one of the best desert safari places in Dubai. This region is one of the most popular places with its impressive yellow sand dunes and its camping hotel. The Al Awir Desert, located 35 kilometers from the center of Dubai, is another desert safari spot in the city. Known as a camel breeding center and farming spot, the area is famous for ATV rides and sand drives with 4 x 4 jeeps. Liwa Desert with the highest sand dunes in the city, Al Lahbab Desert known for its red sands 50 kilometers from Dubai, Jebel Maleihah famous for its sea ruins, Al Faya Desert, which is known as the 'Great Jump', Dubai's desert safari will be held It is known as the exquisite regions.

Things to Keep in Mind While Going on Dubai Desert Safari Tours

In order to immortalize the magnificent and unforgettable views with your camera, never forget to take your camera and sunscreen in order not to get burned by the sun. While going on these tours, definitely try to wear comfortable clothes, don't take your expensive watches and jewelery with you, as well as your mobile phones as they don't attract them in the desert. If there is Arabic coffee, you should definitely try it as part of the tour. If there is a belly dancer organization in the organization of the tour company, dance with it and enjoy the endless desert. Jumping on the sand with a big wheel bike, a pleasant desert horse ride, flying on the sand with motocross, learning about desert hunting, discovering local flavors are other activities that should be done while on a desert safari in Dubai. Desert safari is an organization you should definitely do when you are in Dubai, with your family and friends, whether in the morning or overnight. Once you taste it, you will witness that every penny you spend on the desert safari tour is worth it.

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