Turkish citizens must obtain a Dubai visa to enter Dubai in addition to their current burgundy passports.

The visa to be obtained is valid in Dubai and in the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

There are both direct and indirect flights from Turkey to Dubai every day of the week.


Apart from that, it is possible to fly to Dubai in Turkey with connecting flights from Doha, Bahrain, London, and Paris.

Direct flights from Turkey to Dubai International Airport take about four and a half hours.

Another preferred way to go to Dubai other than the plane is a sea expedition, but if you plan to go to Dubai with a ship tour, you must necessarily obtain a Dubai Cruise visa.

Located in the Al Garhoud district, four kilometers from the city center, Dubai International Airport is the largest airport in the United Arab Emirates.

Since it is a very busy airport, there are many alternatives to go to the center.

You can access the Burj Khalifa metro directly from the airport terminal.

Buses or taxis that travel between the airport and the city center are among the frequently used means of transportation. The journey takes an average of 20 minutes.


You can also take advantage of the completely free shuttle services.

The most preferred means of transportation in urban transportation is the taxi because the prices are very affordable.

The pink-colored taxis are only available to women, and the color of the light on the top of the taxis changes according to the station where the taxi is connected.

Since the hours of the metro line, which is determined with green and red colors, change frequently, it is useful to get a metro map and follow the trips on a daily basis.

Sea buses are one of the most preferred transportation alternatives for touristic trips.

“Hot” is one of the words that best describe Dubai, which has a desert climate.

All hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers in Dubai, where daylight and warmth are not lacking throughout the year, can be visited regardless of the season, as they are air-conditioned.

However, the winter season between November and April is the ideal season to visit when the temperature is relatively bearable.

In the winter season, which is described as the high season, accommodation prices and crowds are at the highest level, but this is usually the most enjoyable holiday season due to both the nice weather and the excess of outdoor entertainments.

May, September, and October, when temperatures range from 23 to 36 Celsius degrees, are the best times to enjoy seawater without having to fight the crowd, but it should be noted that there is no noticeable drop in hotel prices compared to the high season.


June and August are the times when the tourist density for Dubai decreases considerably. While the temperature of 40 degrees and the humidity added to it make it difficult to breathe, the prices also drop significantly.

Especially in this low season, hotels and restaurants that do not want to stay empty offer great discounts and advantages.

When preparing your luggage for your visit to Dubai, do not forget to take a thick jacket or sweater, considering that the evenings will be cold no matter how high the weather is.

A high factor sunscreen is also a must in the suitcase.

Dubai is a true paradise of festivals and events. The Shopping Festival between January 1 and February 1, the Dubai Desert Classic between January 28-31, the International Jazz Festival between February 26-28, and Eid al-Fitr between May 12-13 (applicable only for 2021) are among the most popular festivals for tourists.