25 November 2020
3 Spots in Moda, Kadıköy for a Delicious Breakfast 

Moda is one of the favorite districts of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. The popularity of this district, with its small and comfy venues, increases each day. We listed three venues for a delicious and enjoyable breakfast for visitors or Istanbulites.


1-Naan Bakeshop

They prepare all their dishes with their home-made sourdough, and believe us, they are perfect! If you have a liking for the recent sourdough craze, Naan will make you extremely happy. But the venue is small and pretty narrow. They don’t even have ten tables, including the two outside. You can enjoy a lengthy breakfast, if you can find an empty table. 

If we are to talk about what to eat at Naan, the place is also famous for their Turkish style mixed breakfast as well as their sourdough bread. If you don’t prefer the mixed breakfast, you can always go for menemen (Turkish style scrambled eggs), an omelet, or any of the sandwiches. Their egg-based dishes with home-made sourdough bread are also delicious. Our favorite suggestion is definitely the Eggs Benedict!

2-Yumma Moda

If you are bored of the same types of breakfast in famous Istanbul districts, you can go for an organic, mixed breakfast in Yumma. You can have a breakfast with special organic and natural delicacies that you won’t be able to find in any grocery store. The stars of Yumma’s mixed breakfast are their sourdough bread, Antep cheese, Çanakkale tulum cheese, olive spread, pepper-cheese spread, and special sujuk. 

Yumma is located in one of the narrow alleys in Moda. There are cute and small third generation coffeeshops to have a delicious coffee after leaving Yumma. 


Maybe is located away from Moda’s popular and crowded alleys, on a more secluded part of Moda. Still, it is one of the most famous breakfast shops in Moda. Even though it has a garden, the place is still small, like all other places in Moda. In fact, if you are planning for a late breakfast, you might need to wait in line to get a table. 

As a frequent destination for many bloggers, Maybe has a very attractive menu. There are many vegan, gluten-free, or sugar-free options on their menu. We need to add that many of their recipes are original. It is very hard to find a replica of anything on their menu. Our suggestion for breakfast is their “golden eggs” and “scandalous sausage”. You will have a harder time if you are going for one of the bowls. They have a variety of beautiful and matchless options! 


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