30 April 2024

Vintage boutiques, filled with the charm and nostalgia of days gone by, offer a shopping experience that is quite distinct from the ordinary. These boutiques, where you can find unique pieces reflecting the style and spirit of past eras, promise much more than what mainstream fashion chain stores offer. Each item has a story, and stepping into one of these shops feels like embarking on a journey through time. Retro jackets, old-style dresses, period costumes, and vintage accessories are just a few examples of the unique pieces you can find here.

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Vintage boutiques are also important examples of sustainable shopping. How so? The products sold in these boutiques are second-hand, so they do not deplete natural resources or create waste. Moreover, reusing vintage pieces offers an alternative to the consumption culture in the fashion industry and encourages a more sustainable lifestyle

If you haven't visited one before, we suggest treating yourself to a vintage boutique experience this weekend. Perhaps you'll find those long-sought-after pieces that will help you express your personal style and create a unique look by blending classic and modern styles.

You can even visit vintage boutiques online these days, but if you want to experience that time machine feeling we mentioned earlier, we think it's worth going and seeing them in person. Today, we wanted to share some of our favorite vintage boutiques in Istanbul with you, and who knows, maybe other cities will be next.

Madam Mare Vintage Store

Madam Mare Vintage Store, located on Kadirler Yokuşu near the historic Galatasaray High School, is one of the most beloved vintage boutiques, praised for both its reasonable prices and variety of products. With its appealing decor, Madam Mare Vintage Store also serves the residents of Kadıköy with a branch in Caferağa. If you're new to second-hand shopping, its carefully curated collection will be one of the best starting points.

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Petra Vintage

Petra Vintage is another gem you'll come across in Beyoğlu, where vintage shops are abundant. Operating with two branches in Taksim, Petra Vintage is known for featuring pieces that are closer to contemporary collections rather than strictly period clothing. You can also find new shoes, accessories, and clothing from famous brands at Petra Vintage.

Eleni Vintage Galata

Eleni Vintage Galata, located again in Beyoğlu, is where vintage enthusiasts first flock when it comes to period clothing from the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. You can find a wide collection here, ranging from antique items to jewelry, hats, gloves, and bell-bottom pants.

Sentetik Sezar

With its intriguing name, Sentetik Sezar has been offering a sustainable and alternative fashion experience since 2010. The store, which is also quite ambitious in online shopping, has two branches in Kadıköy and Beşiktaş. The clothing and accessory collection in this colorful shop, known for its vibrant shirts, is quite extensive.

İstanbul Vintage Shop-1

Franny Vintage

Bringing grandma's fashion to the present day, Franny Vintage's unique shop offers everything you might imagine from days gone by. From laces, tulle, and corsets to gloves, antique jewelry, and period shoes—whatever you think of when it comes to old times, you'll find it here. If you want to visit their showroom in Galata, make sure to book an appointment in advance, or busy individuals can visit their online store.

Grandma Vintage Shop

Since we've mentioned grandma's fashion, we can't skip Grandma Vintage Shop, which has been serving on Kumbaracı Yokuşu in Beyoğlu since 2014. You can find unique items here that are free from gender roles. The team at Grandma Vintage Shop treats each piece in their collection with the same care, traveling the world throughout the year to gather the most unique vintage items. Besides clothes and accessories, you can also see interesting objects in this shop.


Koi Vintage Shop

Koi Vintage Shop, one of the most beloved second-hand shops in Kadıköy, offers original pieces at reasonable prices. If you find yourself in Caferağa, we recommend stopping by here.

Istanbul Vintage

One of the most notable features of Istanbul Vintage, located in Kadıköy, is that it exclusively offers a collection of leather jackets. This shop, which sells only men's jackets, also provides professional maintenance and repair services. You can find pieces from world-renowned brands in their 100-piece leather jacket collection.

Kırık Altı Vintage

Kırık Altı Vintage, known for its decoration and curated selection of products, is among the favorite stores of vintage enthusiasts. Located in Osmanağa, Kadıköy, you are highly likely to find a sought-after item here. Its collections, spanning from the 1940s to the present day, consist of truly remarkable pieces that you must see for yourself.

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