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23 November 2020

South Korea is a country that is getting popular day by day and increasing the number of visitors. Both his good relations with Turkey and his introduction to world culture, TV series and k-pop music were the triggering reasons for us to visit Korea. If you want to go to South Korea or if you are going to visit in the near future, we have compiled 3 information for you to keep in mind.

1-Public Transport

Public transportation, which is one of the most important points, has a very convenient, safe and wide network in South Korea. Metros are used as the most used public transportation vehicle. Apart from these, it is possible to travel within the city by ferries, buses and trains.
Taxis have a different system. There are two types of taxis that you can see on the roads. Those in white or gray appearance are taxis used by new drivers and with normal pricing. On the other hand, black taxis are VIP taxis with experienced drivers that get you to your destination in the shortest time possible. They may be a little more expensive in terms of pricing, but overall they have an affordable pricing.

2-Confucius Moral Values

The traditional way of life and Confucian morality are just a few of the values ​​that shape Korean society. These values ​​include behavior and etiquette towards family members, friends, lover, colleagues, neighbors and strangers. It is essential to be respectful to everything, animate or inanimate, whether familiar or unfamiliar. Everyone in the country abides by these rules, which argue that people should be moral and tolerant. For example; Various customs and traditions such as being kind to the elders and speaking carefully, not rejecting a drink offered at the guest, receiving a gift, opening the gift with both hands, giving place to the elders on the bus are very valuable for the society. Although some of them may sound ridiculous, there is actually a beautiful thought behind all of them. In short, we can say that South Koreans are a nation that adheres to their traditions.

Even the way Koreans address each other clearly shows us this understanding of value. For example, women are oppa to older men, unnie to women; Men should call older men hyun and women noona. In fact, when we look at it in terms of respect and tolerance, how similar is South Korea's culture to ours, isn't it? Thanks to this traditional structure, Korean culture has become more recognized all over the world. This situation is an example to the world, as it affects the crime rate in the country in a good way.

3-Food Culture

South Korea's culinary culture is quite extensive and delicious. One of the staples of their meals is seeds, grains and grains. It is an indispensable part of vegetable cuisines, and vegetables such as vegetables or kimchi (sauerkraut) are consumed alongside meat dishes. Meat is a very popular dish. So much so that it creates a feast and addiction to the palate with its meat dishes such as the Korean Barbecue (Korean Barbecue) and the famous Bulgogi, which spread all over the world. The flavors of their meat are slightly sugary and are served thinly sliced.
Local drinks, soju, is a drink that you should definitely try with barbecue. It also has a price that we can call “cheaper than water”.

In a restaurant, it is common to call the waiter, you do not need to wait for the waiter to see you. At the same time, tipping is not obligatory as in other countries.

As a rule of thumb;

-Eating doesn't start before the adults start eating at the table,
-Stick chopticks into food,
-Rejecting a offered meal,

Eating with the bowl in hand and not thanking after the meal are some of the unwelcome situations.

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