23 March 2020
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Words to Learn Before Your Trip


Travelling to a country without knowing the language can be challenging. Even though English is acknowledged as the universal language, you might need to know a couple words in the local language before travelling. We suggest taking notes of certain words and sentences on a notepad or on your phone to use daily or in case of emergencies. 


Words you can use before a dialog.

1- Hello

2- Good morning

3- Good day

4- Good evening

5- How are you?

6- I understand

7- I don’t understand

8- Can you please repeat?



Sentences for the airport

Most common sentences you may need to use in an airport.

1- When is my flight?

2- Where is my gate?

3- How much is ...?

4- How can I go to ...?

5- Where is the exchange office?

6- How can I go to the bus station?


Must-know sentences for shopping.  

1- How much is?

2- Can you make a discount?

3- Too expensive

Touring the city

Some words to help you explore a country

1- Directions

• Ahead

• Back

• On the right

• On the left

• On the corner

2- How can I go to the pharmacy? 

3- Where is the closest hospital?

4- How far is ...?


We hope you never need to use them, but they may help you in case of emergencies.

1- Help

2- I lost my passport

3- My money is stolen

4- Call the police!

5- Ambulance!

At a restaurant

Must-know phrases to order right and have a nice meal.

1- Can I have a menu?

2- I want to order.

3-I will order ...

4- Check please

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