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26 January 2022

Based on the series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher is one of the most impressive series of recent times. With its strong cast and impressive fantasy editing, the locations of the two-season series take visual appeal to the next level. Many locations were visited for filming, such as Hungary, Poland, the Canary Islands, La Palma and La Gomera Islands. Let's take a look at the locations where The Witcher was filmed, which took viewers on a journey from Hungary to the Canary Islands in its first season and to England in its second season accompanied by a legendary plot. These are the places that will inspire your next journey!

Warning: May contain spoilers!

The Witcher 1. Season Attractions

The Witcher was acclaimed for its short stories "The Last Wish", which featured in its first season. In this season of unique scenes, many different countries have been visited and we can say that they gave us a visual feast. Let's take a look at the filming locations for the first season of the show, which takes fans on a tour of fantastic fiction.

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Rabsztyn, Poland

We couldn't have imagined that Poland, which has unique nature and historical charms as the birthplace of the story, would not be on our list. This is the first stop on our list for The Witcher set. Filming took place at Ogrodzieniec Castle in Rabsztyn, a small village just 60km from Krakow, for the Battle of Soden, which we saw in the season finale episode "Much More". There's no doubt that every frame of battle has a great background! These castle ruins with real experiences are still on display today to relive history for their visitors.

Canary Islands, Spain

Undoubtedly, the Canary Islands welcome us on many stages as the host of the most beautiful scenes from the first season of the series. This place was frequently shown in the first season of The Witcher, with its beautifully diverse landscape to accompany a fantastic ride. The deserts of this uniquely beautiful archipelago off the southern coast of Spain appeared in the series as the seas of sand that Geralt traveled to. Again, many amazing sandbank and forest shots that we have seen throughout the series are also from the Canary Islands!

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Budapest, Hungary

Our second stop is Budapest, Hungary, where the main shooting studio and all the interiors in the series are located! Vajdahunyand Castle, which is very close to the city center and worth a visit, is a unique structure with both Gothic and Renaissance architecture. If you think this castle is familiar, just try to remember the courtyard of the sorcerer Stregobor's house. Hungary, with its different historical structure and nature, appears in many frames of the popular series. What's more; Kiscelli Museum, Eger Replica Castle, Tata Castle, Gyarmatpuszta Forest and many more are among the other set stops in Hungary.

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Leobendorf, Austria

The scene where our main character Geralt fought Striga was hosted by Kreuzenstein Castle in Leobendorf, about 20 km from Vienna. With its hugely high doors and war-worthy atmosphere, this place was a great choice. Featuring medieval recipes and taking visitors on a journey back to the 12th century, this castle can be a nice choice for your next trip to Austria!

The Witcher 2. Season Attractions

After a break of almost two years, all of The Witcher's interiors and exteriors this season were filmed in the UK, where season 2 filming could be done under difficult circumstances due to the pandemic. Uk sets, which have hosted filming of many famous series and films since the past, realistically draw viewers into the plot each time. Let's take a look at the unique UK locations of the series, which takes us to Kaer Morhen, the childhood home of our main character Geralt, this season.

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North Yorkshire- Lake District, United Kingdom

Do you remember scenes of our character Geralt by a river or a lake? For most of these scenes, the Lake District, North Yorkshire was preferred. With its unique limestone cliffs, waterfalls and Rydal Cave, this place has incredible charm in every respect. Season 2 Season 6. The famous death scene in the episode is from Plumpton Rocks with its fantastic view in North Yorkshire!

Arborfield Film Studios, United Kingdom

At a time when Covid-19 has also negatively affected the film and series world, filming of the series has been continued, albeit difficultly, and the filming of the series has been continued, and in the 2nd century, the series has been affected by the effects of the film and series. He met with the season audience. 2, when production took place entirely in the UK. One of the main centers of the season is Arborfield Film Studios. In these studios, where unique and impressive interiors were built, scenes from some village venues and especially images were taken from our main character Geralt's former home, Kaer Mohern.

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Bourne Wood, Farnham/ Coldharbour Wood, Chichester, England

Bourne Wood has been a popular attraction in the UK for nearly 20 years. We're talking about a place that's likely to show up not only in The Witcher, but also in other film and tv scenes. This woodland near Farnham; Many popular series and films such as The Crown, Gladiator, Harry Potter, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom have also been made. Coldharbour Wood in Chinchester, England, is where the show's art team built a real elf village among the trees for the series from the first day of the second season of The Witcher.