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7 September 2020
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What to Know About Australia, the End of the World.

Australia, for many of us, is the definition of the other side of the world. With long flights, endless transfers and waiting, a journey of 24 hours or more begins. We are confident that Australia will be worth the journey, even if we are intimidated to leave. A place this far away, of course, has different cultures and traditions than us. We have compiled the 5 most important topics for you to learn these differences before you go.  Enjoy your reading!

1- Aussies don't leave a tip!

Although it is not welcome to leave a tip in many countries, there is no such thing as leaving a tip in Australia. In Australia, all service fees are included in the check. So you do not have to leave an extra tip, but if you want to leave, you can leave as much as you want depending on the quality of the service. 

2- The Sun in Australia is no laughing matter

We are guessing that you do not want to go all the way to Australia and come back without stopping by those gorgeous beaches. But before you go, you should know that the sun is very strong in Australia. If you do not want your skin and health to be damaged, you should not go out in the sun without using sunscreen. 

3- Australia is a Big Place

After going all the way to Australia, you might want to see everything. But in Australia, like many European countries, interprovincial travel is not so easy. If you want to travel between cities, you have little time and do not want to spend your vacation on the road, travelling by plane and planning a very good trip before leaving will ensure that you have a more productive holiday.

4- Get Ready to Spend Money

Australia is not a budget-friendly country. Compared to other countries, many products are more expensive in Australia. Especially cigarettes. If you are a smoker, you should take extra packages with you. A word of advice, you can cook your own food, fill your water at home, or shop at markets.


5- Swim Between Flags

You may think that you know how to swim very well and that this is not necessary, but the situation is not that simple. You have heard of sharks in Australian waters, and if you don't want to run into them, you should swim in flag-restricted areas. Also, if you swim in the flagged area, it will be easier and sooner for lifeguards to see and intervene if something happens to you.

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Culture & Travel

What to Know About Australia, the End of the World.

Australia for many of us, is the definition of the other side of the world. With long flights, endless transfers and waiting a journey of 24 hours or…

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